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“I solemnly vow upon my honor as a trainer and citizen, to adhere to the rules and regulations of the state where I am licensed and to adopt the mission and goals of the professional standards of security trainers as set forth by the International Private Security Trainers Association and Private Officer International.
I pledge to be honest in thought, word, and deed; to strive toward my highest learning effort and avail myself of every opportunity to learn, and to give to my students to my highest capacity. I will do this by maintaining unimpeachable integrity of behavior to bring honor to the security industry.
I shall endeavor to give my all each day to every student equally realizing that the information and training that I provide are tools and that I have the power to change lives, enhance careers and provide lifesaving skills.”


1.  Applicant selection: Assign the appropriate employee to the task at hand and match job skills, experience and physical and mental strengths.
2.  Equip based on need: We’ve all heard the phrase -“don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. This must be followed figuratively and you must equip officers for the tasks, assignments, and duties of any given client. Make sure that personnel has bulletproof vests, communication either via cellphone or 2-way radio, and on single officer posts, make sure that they are required to call into a dispatch or answering service hourly! This could save a life and alert your company to a problem when the employee fails to check in!
3.  Training: We can’t say this enough! Go above and beyond all state-required training even if it has to come out of pocket. Regular Use of Force, Self-defense, emergency response, active shooter, and duty-specific training should be given semi-annually.