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We help businesses excel, expand, and thrive in their field!

Our expertise, business savvy and in-depth knowledge and understanding of public safety, private security and education has led us to become industry leaders in multiple areas and now we want to use it all to make your business better!

Starting with an initial consultation, we will build you a map to success and be there by your side as you reach for your potential and expand your services, your market share and your company!

Tried and proven methodology, technology and experience is the combination that will get you to where you want to be!

Whether it’s contract security management, compliance or training issues, recruitment or legal resources that your company is looking for, we can provide you with the level of assistance that you need at a price that fits your budget.


Understanding the complexity of physical, electronic and data security in the Twenty First Century has been a challenge for many businesses, schools and churches.

Throw in compliance and regulatory requirements, state and federal laws, and unfamiliarity with security procedures and protocols…  It can be a nightmare!

Our staff can handle complete compliance audits as well as work with your agency or company to insure complete compliance to all state and federal regulations and training requirements ensuring that your security staff and agency is 100 % compliant in all areas.

Our team of truly experienced security, public safety and law enforcement practitioners can help you manage your staff, keep your business in compliance, maintain and update training requirements and even assist you in developing your policies and procedures and employee manuals.


With a combined 250 years of security, public safety, loss prevention, investigations and law enforcement experience coupled with 30 years of business ownership we know a thing or two about our industries..

Add in dozens of state and federal credentials, certifications and years of instructor level hands on knowledge and experience and we’ve learned a lot and taught many topics and thousands of students.

Our team of truly experienced security, public safety and law enforcement practitioners can help your client with compelling, knowledgeable testimony about policy, procedures and industry standards. Call us today for more information.


Whether it’s management of a security vendor or proprietary department, POI will work with you night and day to ensure that your security department is operating professionally, efficiently and within the guidelines of your company. In addition to these services, we can also handle all of your recruitment needs from the hourly to upper management.