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PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL  is committed to helping better train and prepare the front line private security officer, church usher or security team staff or commercial business owners so that everyone has a better understanding of their specific duties, obligations and authority as well as to help you to be compliant with local or state statutory training requirements and shield your business, church or employee from possible civil litigations or even criminal charges for incorrectly performing duties, breaking laws or harming someone.

PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL has put together a knowledgeable and certified staff that has years of first hand security and law enforcement experience and more than 300 years of combined front line law enforcement and security employment and training .

PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL has designed specific levels of training for the various areas of the private security field beginning with the general reactive duties and increasing to the more advanced proactive hands on type of private security duties. We have designed On-Site, On-Line and On-Demand Targeted Points of Training for all levels of security including security guard agencies, proprietary departments and churches.

Starting A Security Force: As part of our multi-faceted services, we can offer your business or church complete assistance in all areas of security. All areas of the initiation of a security staff or department, including full training services, policy and protocol, and human resource, liability and other issues.

Consultation: This includes on-site, phone or electronic methods of consulting in all areas of private security, policy and protocols, human resources, training and legal issues, liability and compliance standards and all other areas associated with your staff.

Emergency Planning: Our experienced staff has an extensive background in emergency disaster, crises, hostage and weather related planning with prior employments and training with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Alabama, Connecticut, Florida and Tennessee State Emergency Management Agencies, The U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA, and various other emergency and law enforcement agencies.

With our combined training and experience we are able to create specific planning for your individual business need and work diligently to design the plan that will insure your employees, visitors and property\’s safety and security in whatever situation comes your way.

We can conduct On-Site Consultations or supply you with a workable plan written from your verbal or written specifications.

Our true and only goal is to assist you with the best training, information, legal knowledge, and tools necessary to protect yourself and those who look to you and depend on you for their well being while on your property.

If we can be of service to your business or church in any way, please don\’t hesitate to call upon us.