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Why Apply for a Credential?
Private Officer International has developed ten certification programs during the past fifteen years to provide a measured method of verifying one’s experience, education and abilities in the protection field.
Earning any of our credentials will show your colleagues and clients that you have mastered the demanding criteria for your credential.
What\’s on the Exam?
The examinations consist of 100-200 scored multiple-choice question, open response and matching questions. Some exams may also contain a percentage of situational questions that will gauge your ability to make quick and precise decisions in a variety of situations.
The exam is 2 hours long and is taken on-line in a proctored environment.
It is not an open book or assisted exam.
This exam will be based on your level of experience, study and retention of material.


Certified Asset Protection Professional
Certified Retail Protection Specialist
Certified Security Management Specialist
Medical Facility Protection Specialist
Certified Cannabis Protection Specialist
Organized Retail Crime Specialist
Certified Legal Investigative Professional
Master Security and Safety Instructor
Certified School Protection Specialist
Certified Homeland Protection Professional


2 years experience with at least an AA degree
3 years experience for non-degree applicants
Experience should include the following positions:
Security officer, supervisory or management experience in uniform, plainclothes or retail positions.
Eligibility (cont.)
  • Experience as a security professional in the protection of assets, in the public or private sector, law enforcement, criminal justice system, government intelligence, or investigative agencies.
  • Experience with companies, associations, government, or other organizations providing services or products, including consulting firms, provided the duties and responsibilities substantively relate to the design, evaluation, and application of systems, programs, or equipment, or development and operation of services, for protection of assets in the private or public sectors.
  • Experience as a full-time educator on the faculty of an accredited educational institution, provided the responsibilities for courses and other duties relate primarily to knowledge areas pertinent to the management and operation of protection of assets programs in the public or private sectors.


The exam is an important measurement of an applicant’s knowledge and experience in the protection industry and is a fundamental component of certification.
The exam items or questions relate to specific knowledge, skills, and tasks that the applicant has developed and maintained during their career. The same knowledge that the professional would use in a real-life scenario.
The assessment questions developed by our program faculty show the strength of one’s knowledge and experience and readiness for the protection industry.


There are four steps to our exam process:
  1. Application and Fee
  2. Interview and Written Report
  3. Self-Assessment and Study
  4. Written Exam (extra proctoring fee may apply)
During Step 3, exam study materials and specific discipline modules will be made available to the applicant.
Applicants may take up to 180 days to complete the self-assessment and study phase before scheduling an exam appointment.
Applicants may also challenge an exam without completing Step 3 but if the applicant fails the exam, a $150 fee will be applied to re-take the exam.


$249 POI members, per credential


$369 non-members, per credential