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  • 190 COVID-19 related illness as listed on their death records
  • 48 of those deceased were female and 142 were male.
  • We found that the median age was 59 based on the statistical information of more than 50% of those listed.
  • There were 13 known companies employing proprietary or contracted security services who reported more than 1000 employees who were impacted by COVID-19 
Total Number of Non-Fatal Assaults: 20217
These can sometimes include battery or pointing of a weapon or threat of bodily harm.



The following states are ranked from the most reports of assaults, officer injuries or deaths:
  1. TX
  2. CA
  3. AZ
  4. FL
  5. NY
  6. NV
  7. OH
  8. AL
  9. GA
  10. MI


  • Deaths by gunfire had an increase of 17.4 % over previous year.

  • Deaths by vehicle accidents had an increase of 5.6% over the previous year.