Shoplifter Facebook “selfie” lands her in jail


Albuquerque, NM  Dec 22 2013 Just before 24-year-old Vanessa Blea posted a “selfie” on Facebook, she updated her status, and investigators say that could link her to a couple of felonies. It all started last Monday at Kmart on Carlisle NE. The criminal complaint states Blea and a friend were shoplifting and had two children with them in the process.
The store’s security and two Albuquerque police officers tried to stop them in the parking lot, but officers say the shoplifters put the kids in a Jeep Liberty and took off.
Detectives say a Kmart security guard was struck by the Jeep while they fled. Police said the Jeep was registered to Blea’s friend, Kaitlin Steele. On Facebook, Blea mentioned her friend in the incriminating post just one hour after everything went down.
“Never again… OMG please forgive me Lord… never again,” the post read. The two friends went on to express their regret in subsequent Facebook posts. Officers confirmed these were the young women in Kmart. Police say under questioning, Blea admitted to shoplifting jewelry.
She also admitted that she took off with her two kids unbuckled. In court on Wednesday, Blea faced two counts of child abuse.
APD says Steele will be charged with child abuse, as well as aggravated fleeing and assault with a deadly weapon.