Four mall security officers charged with assault

ROSEVILLE MI Feb 27 2009 — Four security officers at Macomb Mall are facing assault charges after police say they followed a woman onto a bus and handcuffed her after a confrontation at the shopping center.
A fifth person — a young adult in a program designed to give kids interested in law enforcement a glimpse into a police work — was also involved in the incident, officials said.
The five are being accused of improperly handcuffing and detaining the woman, officials said. Security guards don’t have police powers and may detain someone for police only if that person has committed a crime in their presence, according to police.

The four guards and the youth all turned themselves in and were arraigned on assault and battery charges in the 39th District Court, Roseville Deputy Police Chief Anthony Cona said. Assault and battery is a 93-day misdemeanor.
Cona identified the defendants as Edward Mazaluaskas, Gregory Taylor, Dewayne Brown, Jamar Pennington and Tywuan Brintley. A judge set bond for each of the defendants at $5,000.
Police say the incident occurred at about 2 p.m. on Jan. 27
Mall security told police the woman had been banned from the shopping center and when she returned was told to leave.

The woman told police after she got on a bus to leave, a confrontation ensued and security officers handcuffed her and held her, Cona said.

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