Sav A Lot employee charged with stealing from customer’s wallet


BATAVIA NY Nov 4 2013 — A Liberty Street woman who works at Save-A-Lot store was charged with stealing $272 from a customer’s wallet, city police said.
Kimberli A. Knickerbocker, 47, of 218 Liberty St. was charged with petit larceny after an investigation into the theft Friday at the store on Ellicott Street.
Knickerbocker is accused of stealing the money from a wallet a shopper inadvertently left in a shopping cart.
“That was our grocery money and gas money to get back and forth to work all week,” said Ray Cook, whose fiance’, Lyndsey Wilcox, left the wallet behind. “We have four children and we were forced to go down and get public assistance to help us through the week.”
Cook said Wilcox retrieved her wallet from the store office but it was empty. They asked to see surveillance video but “they said we couldn’t watch the video.”
Police were called and the video showed “20 people passing by the wallet and she comes in and picks it up,” Cook said.
He said the video showed Knickerbocker walking to a corner near the office and appears to take something out of the wallet and place it in her pocket.
Knickerbocker is still working at Save-A-Lot, the store manager said Tuesday. The manager said the arrest “was an assumption” and that he is waiting for the case to be handled through the court before making any decisions.
Knickerbocker is scheduled to appear Nov. 9.
The Daily News