Illinois man arrested after threatening security agents during shoplifting incident


Forest River IL Oct 29 2013 Authorities have arrested a 24-year-old Chicago man who they say pulled a screwdriver out and attacked a security officer during a shoplifting incident.
Officers were called to Whole Foods Market in River Forest after the man allegedly threatened security guards with a 9-inch screwdriver on Oct. 17.
Jarad Mc. McCree, of 9455 S. Harvard, was charged with misdemeanor assault, police said.
McCree was discovered at Whole Foods, 7245 Lake Street, by security guards from nearby CVS Pharmacy, 7216 Circle Ave. in Forest Park, where he and an accomplice had committed retail theft, police said.
River Forest police recovered the screwdriver and took McCree into custody at 6:09 p.m., police said. Deputy Police Chief James O’Shea could not be reached for comment.