Security guard robs Minnesota bank

ROSEVILLE, Minn. Oct 31 2013
Roseville police say a 30-year-old Crystal man who robbed Roseville’s North American Banking Company on Tuesday didn’t get very far.
Officers nabbed Jake Charles Cogswell just minutes after the crime, and Chief Rick Mathwig shared squad car video of the arrest and a surveillance image of the suspect in action with Fox 9.
The dashcam video shows an officer hot on the trail of a man police say was more than just a bold thief who needed some fast cash.
“This wasn’t just a till tab of taking money out of the front till of a bank or restaurant or something like that,” Mathwig said. “This was a brazen, armed robbery — almost in a take-over manner with bank employees because he was ordering them around.”
Fortunately, even before the call was officially dispatched, an attentive officer saw a pending call on his squad car’s cue screen, and he was off. The squad car camera captured how the officer was able to intercept Cogswell, and another officer who was not far behind arrived shortly thereafter to assist in the apprehension.
Officers took Cogswell into custody within minutes of the robbery, just 600 feet from North America Banking Company. He was cuffed just as he was getting ready to take off.
“It was a planned event,” Mathwig said. “He had information as to how banks would work with large sums of money,”
Police say Cogswell walked into the bank at 11:12 a.m. — masked, alone, believed to be carrying a semi-automatic pistol and wearing a bulletproof vest.
“It’s a heinous sort of criminal, wearing a bulletproof vest, knowing he’s going to encounter someone with a return gun,” stated Mathwig.
Dena Modica was proud to see the arrest made right before her eyes in front of her home, located just a stone’s throw from the bank.
“I just joined that bank just last week,” Modica informed Fox 9.”[Police] don’t have a lot of action since we live in Roseville, but it’s good to know when we do, they’re right there.”
Police emphasized Cogswell robbed the bank in a manner that demonstrated he had some inside knowledge of how the system works. According to Cogswell’s neighbors, he did. Several neighbors told Fox 9 News Cogswell worked as a security guard for the banking industry.
Cogswell confessed to the armed robbery to special agents with the FBI. The U.S. District Attorney is expected to file formal charges in this case later this week.