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Earl Scott Kelley
Nashville TN Aug 4 2013 Nashville police have arrested a Tipton County teacher for allegedly stabbing a woman in the Opry Mills parking lot last month.
Police believe Earl Scott Kelley, 42, got into Charlotte Drake’s car and stabbed her on July 17. Drake, 39, told police Kelley told her not to scream or panic, and then used a knife to stab her in the side and both arms. Drake ran from the car screaming, while Kelley was seen calmly walking to his vehicle and driving away, according to police.
Drake told police she did not know Kelley, according to police spokesman Don Aaron. Kelley was in Nashville for an education conference on July 17, although he denied any involvement in the stabbing.
Police said witness testimony and forensic evidence collected in Tipton County last week links Kelley to the case. Kelley was arrested Friday at the Tipton County Board of Education’s Alternative Learning Center in Covington, where he works as a GED instructor.
He is being held in Tipton County without bond pending his return to Nashville. Police are still investigating the motive for the stabbing.
Source-The Tennessean