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MIAMI FL Jan 29 2015 Police are searching for the person responsible for shooting to death a security officer just a few hours into his shift.

Vinel L’Amour, 29, manned the security booth at the Center Court Apartments, located at 14897 N.E. 18 Ave.
His shift started at 11 p.m. Sunday and only a few hours later, at around 1 a.m., L’Amour was found inside the booth bleeding from at least one gunshot wound.

His loved ones said he had only been working there for a few months.

L’Amour’s family members, who live at the apartment complex and chose to remain anonymous, couldn’t think of anyone who would want to murder him. “Someone just walked up shot him, made sure he was dead and walked away,” said the victim’s sister-in-law. “We’re grieving and we just want justice for him.”

Police still have no leads and no motive behind the shooting.

According to L’Amour’s manager at First Class Security, investigators removed a camera at the security booth where L’Amour was shot. It may contain footage of the incident.

Police are not releasing much information about the shooting, but L’Amour’s brother is hoping someone knows something. “If somebody knows something, like, they can go forward. Tell us or call the police. Give us a lead. That’s all we’re looking for,” he said.

L’Amour was the father of an 8-year-old girl.

If you have any information on this shooting, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.

Beloved Miami school security officer killed in morning car crash privateofficer.com


Susie Mae Gordon, 61

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. Jan 23 2015 — A beloved school security guard lost her life in a horrific collision with a tractor trailer that left her car crushed, Thursday morning.
Susie Mae Gordon, 61, worked as a security guard at Miami Beach Senior High School for over 20 years.
According to Miami-Dade Police, Gordon was on her way to work, driving west on Northwest 79th Street trying to make a left turn onto Northwest 22nd Avenue. The truck driver was traveling east on 79th and had the right of way. He didn’t have time to stop, so he lost control, crashed into a palm tree and crushed the red sedan. Gordon died on impact.
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived on the scene sometime before 6 a.m.
“I was shocked,” said witness Brenda Facen. “It was the first time I’d ever seen a bad accident like that. You know, it happened, and I said, ‘Lord, she gone.’ That’s all I could say. She was gone.”
Family members arrived on the scene and broke down in tears as they watched Gordon’s body being removed from the mangled car.
The family of the tractor trailer driver said he was very also emotional at the scene of the accident. “When we got here, my immediate reaction was ‘where’s my father, how’s he doing?'” said the truck driver’s daughter Ana Argenao. “They didn’t want us to speak to him or to know anything about it, so we were nervous.”
“He’s shooken up,” said the truck driver’s son George Argenao Jr. “He’s never had an accident of this magnitude. He was just crying in the police car. He’s never had something like this.”
Authorities shut down 79th Street for hours as police conducted their investigation to determine the cause of the crash. The road was since reopened.
Back at Miami Beach Senior High School, staff members grew concerned when they did not hear from Gordon. They received news of her death after the security guard did not show up to work. “When we didn’t see her at 6:15, and she didn’t call in, something’s going on,” said Miami Beach Senior High Principal John Donohue. “Life stopped for all of us here for a few minutes.”
Students and staff at Miami Beach Senior High were distraught when they heard the news. “She really cared about the students, she cared about the staff, she wanted to make sure that she did everything in her power to keep everybody safe,” said Miami Beach Senior High Principal John Donohue. “We’re gonna miss her.”
Many students, like Franklin Fuller, cherished Gordon. “She made everybody feel at home — a mother figure. Hearing that today was just devastating,” he said.
“She would act like a parent figure sometimes, you know. Very nice lady,” said another student, Diego Baldizon.
One student said the news of Gordon’s death made him cry. “When I heard the accident I was literally in tears.” said Jonathan Taitz.
Gordon is remembered as a pleasant woman by students and staff. They said she greeted everyone with a smile. “She was very sweet,” said student Kerlea Harris. “It’s sad. You never know when it’s people’s time to go.”
The security guard also helped keep the school in order. “She would keep everybody in line,” said student Franklin Fuller. “That was her job, to make sure everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing, but she did it in a way that everybody felt welcome.”
Another student, Gabriela Perez, said Gordon went to great lengths for the safety of the school. “She did whatever was necessary to protect us, and it’s a great loss for all of us,” Perez said.
The principal of the school said staff members are working with Gordon’s family to set up an event in her honor.
Grief counselors have also been made available to students at the high school.

Justices overturn conviction in slaying of armored-car driver in Lakewood privateofficer.com


Lakewood WA Jan 23 2015 The state Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a man convicted as an accomplice in the 2009 robbery and murder of a Loomis armored car driver at a Lakewood Walmart, saying a Pierce County prosecutor’s “egregious misconduct” prejudiced the jury.
The unanimous justices, in three separate opinions, concluded a deputy prosecutor’s PowerPoint show during closing arguments in the trial of Odies Delandus Walker was prejudicial and that the prosecutor — who is not named in the opinion — “appealed to the passion and prejudice” of the jury.
In a concurring opinion, Justice Gordon McCloud said some of the slides were “inflammatory and prejudicial because they highlighted the defendant’s race” — Allen is black — when race played no part in the crime.
“We cannot conclude with any confidence that Walker’s convictions were the result of a fair trial,” wrote Justice Mary Yu in the lead opinion. The court overturned all of his convictions and sent the case back to Pierce County.
Allen went to trial in March 2011 and, during closing arguments, prosecutors showed the jury a PowerPoint presentation to sum up their case in which to more than 100 of the 250 slides bore the headline “Defendant Walker Guilty of Premeditated Murder.” The words “Guilty” were superimposed over his face in a mug shot.
And the justices said the prosecution invoked “passion and prejudice” by juxtaposing pictures of the victim with photos of Walker and his family.
Walker was serving a life sentence.
It’s the second time in eight days that the justices have overturned a major first-degree murder conviction out of Pierce County for prejudicial statements by prosecutors.
Last Thursday, the justices ordered a new trial for Darcus Allen, who was convicted and sentenced to 420 years in prison as the getaway driver for Maurice Clemmons, who killed four Lakewood police officers in 2009.  The unanimous court in that case found the prosecutor repeatedly misstated the law.
Walker was convicted as an accomplice of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, solicitation and conspiracy in connection with the June 2009 robbery. The Loomis guard, Kurt Husted, was shot in the face while transporting a bag of receipts from the Walmart to an armored truck in the parking lot. The robbers took a large bag and fled.
According to court documents and news reports,  Walker’s girlfriend was a manager at the Walmart and had told him and another man, Walker’s cousin Calvin Finley, that she knew that hundreds of thousands of dollars in receipts were often transported by the armored car.
Finley, Walker and another man planned the robbery, and Finley shot the guard, according to court testimony and documents.
The girlfriend, Tonie Williams-Irby, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and robbery charges. Finley pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and is serving a life sentence. A third man, Marshawn Turpin, pleaded guilty to murder, assault and robbery charges.
Walker and Williams-Irby reportedly went on a shopping spree after the robbery and spent $175 for dinner at a Red Lobster restaurant. When they were arrested, police found $20,000 in a safe in their home.

Police charge man in murder of NYC security officer privateofficer.com


Brooklyn NY Jan 15 2015 A Queens man was arrested and ordered held without bail in the shooting of two Brooklyn security guards in a senseless attack that killed one of them.
Antonio Mahon, 20, was nabbed by the NYPD’s violent felony squad early Friday, officials said. He shot Aaron Locklear, 30, and James Merced, 28, outside Brownsville’s Riverdale Osborne Towers on Nov. 28, cops said. Locklear, shot in the neck, was taken off life support and died Dec. 4.
Prosecutors hit Mahon was charged with 18 charges for the spree that allegedly included burglary, criminal possession of a weapon, trespassing and menacing.
Merced, still recovering from his wounds, said he didn’t know why Mahon shot him, but he’s glad he’s in custody.
“I know (Locklear’s) happy, too,” Merced said about his colleague. “May he rest.”
Chris Barbosa, whose son lives in Osborne Towers, said Locklear “was a good guy.”
“He was minding his own business and then all of a sudden he got shot,” Barbosa, 28, said. “It’s good that they found (his killer).”
NY Daily News

Missing Florida security guard found dead, second security officer arrested privateofficer.com


Richard Glenn Gertler

Putnam County FL Jan 9 2015 Family members of a Putnam County security officer whose remains were found Thursday in a wooded area of Marion County near the Ocala National Forest — said they had steeled themselves for that outcome.

“Honestly after the first of the week we were not expecting him to show back up,” said Charles Parrish, whose brother, 46-year-old Floyd “Andy” Parrish Jr. of Interlachen, went missing after returning from a visit with family in Athens, Ga., over the holidays.

He said his brother’s tendency to call family and friends frequently and his dedication to work made any deviation in those routines a major concern.
“The thing that we worried about the most is that he would not be found,” Charles Parrish said.

The body was recovered by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office with help from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
It was sent to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Leesburg for positive identification and to determine cause of death, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators are not detailing exactly where the body was found or how they knew where to search, but an arrest has been made in the case on armed-burglary and auto-theft charges.

Richard Glenn Gertler, 52, also a security officer, of Keystone Heights is charged with stealing at least some of Andy Parrish’s extensive gun collection and his Ford Explorer.

Gertler met Parrish through their work as security officers and had been house-sitting after Parrish went away on Dec. 26. He told investigators Wednesday that he last saw Parrish about 7 p.m. on Jan. 2 and gave him $12,800 collected from selling the gun collection.
Gertler told detectives the only time he moved the Ford was to get it out of the way so he could leave Parrish’s house.

But now, police have charged him with stealing the SUV and taking it with another man about 60 miles north to a rural road east of Baldwin. He also is charged with armed burglary after Parrish’s suitcases, an empty holster and a gun case belonging to Parrish were found in the Explorer, according to the arrest report.

The SUV was found about 1 a.m. Saturday when a resident on Clifford Thomas Lane called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office after seeing a person drop it off then get into a truck with someone else and drive off.

A man also interviewed by Putnam County Wednesday said Gertler called him to Parrish’s house that Friday and the two men took the Explorer to Jacksonville and left it there.

Parrish, who worked as a security guard and had long collected guns, was known to carry weapons in the SUV, the report said. He had about 100 guns stored in a safe that Charles Parrish said included AK-47s and M-14s and 9mm handguns.

“He [Gertler] was living there for that week, living in the house and had access to everything,” Parrish said.
There were no changes in Gertler’s charges Thursday, and no one else had been arrested, said Sgt. Hancel Woods.

Woods said the death is being investigated as a homicide.

Parrish was initially reported missing by his brother in Athens on Sunday, two days after he vanished and after their last contact as he almost reached home. Athens police contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, who went to the house where Parrish lived alone on Lakeview Court.

Gertler had been wanted for questioning after he was identified as Parrish’s house sitter.

In the initial missing-persons investigation by Athens police, investigators spoke with Gainesville police who were familiar with Parrish through his security work and said they had learned he wanted to sell the collection of guns and was asking for $50,000 but accepted a $28,000 deal.

Family members said reports that Parrish was selling his collection and that he was doing it to help a woman in Jacksonville were out of character. Charles Parrish said he believes the gun sale wasn’t something his brother would have ever permitted.

“I think the whole story of Andy wanting to sell his guns is just a cover story for the theft,” he said.

Five people arrested in shooting death of California security officer privateofficer.com


San Bernardino County CA Jan 7 2015 Five people — including three juveniles — have been arrested in connection with a New Year’s Eve shooting outside a Grand Terrace roller rink that killed a man his son called his “Superman,” officials said Tuesday.
Ezekiel Isaiah George, 18, of Perris; Maurice Lamont Martin Jr., 17, of Perris; Prince Topaz Johnson, 20, of San Jacinto; Laquan Trice, 15, of Perris; and Adrian Gentry, 17, of Adelanto were all charged with suspicion of murder and attempted murder, according to authorities. Gang enhancements have followed each charge, according to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.
All five were scheduled to be arraigned in San Bernardino Superior Court on Tuesday, but that date was pushed back.
Trice, Gentry and Martin will be prosecuted as adults, officials said.
Security officer Richard “Big Will” Williamson was shot and killed less than two hours into the new year when Martin and George each allegedly fired weapons into a crowd in the parking lot of the Cal Skate roller skating rink in Grand Terrace during a New Year’s Eve celebration. A second security officer was also struck by gunfire, as was a third man. Both survived. Their names were not disclosed.
About 400 people were attending an all-night celebration, according to authorities.Williamson, 48, owned Big Will Security Services based out of Riverside.
“He was more than just my father, he was my dad,” wrote Rebecca Williamson, Williamson’s daughter, on a GoFundMe.com page set up to raise money for funeral expenses and his family. “He was the best dad in the world, and not just for my brother and me. He was a second dad to many others as well. He was the best man that I have ever known. He was and will always be my hero and he will be forever missed.”

Man gets life sentence for Detroit security guard death privateofficer.com


Carl Bruner was sentenced to life in prison for the

Detroit MI Jan 7 2015— Calling the murder of one of the city’s most well-known anti-crime crusaders “shocking, outrageous and more than sad,” a judge sentenced one of the men convicted in the slaying to life in prison Monday.
“It’s a senseless killing of a man who was loved by his family … who was trying to do the right thing,” Judge Craig Strong told Carl Bruner as he stood before Strong in Wayne Circuit Court.
Bruner and Michael Lawson were convicted last month in the killing of Marcel Jackson, a member of the crime-fighting community group Detroit 300. Jackson, a 39-year-old married father of six, was shot to death in June 2012 while working as a security officer for the downtown Pandemonium nightclub.
Lawson is to be sentenced Feb. 3. His sentencing was postponed because his attorney recently had surgery and has not been able to read the presentence report, said attorney David Steingold, who stood in for Lawson’s attorney.
Before Bruner was sentenced, Jackson’s widow, Hollie, and Jackson’s mother, Carolyn Warrior, spoke in court. The two women cried and held each other up as they spoke of the pain of losing Jackson.
“Marcel was a great father and a great man who would give you the shirt off his back,” Hollie Jackson said. “I don’t have any hatred in my heart for any one of them. I just want them to realize what they took away from my home and this community.”
Warrior said her son was a protector and a peacemaker who gave up some of his family time to canvass Detroit streets to rid the city of crime “because he loved the city so much.”
Warrior said her heart goes out to Bruner, whom she “loved like a son.” She said her heart also goes out to his mother and family.
“I lost a son. They lost a son as well,” she said.
The night he was killed, Jackson had reportedly removed a man, who authorities identified as Bruner, from Pandemonium for hitting a woman. The man returned to the bar after closing, allegedly to retrieve his cellphone, but security guards would not let him back inside because he refused to be patted down for possible weapons.
The man returned with someone else and fired shots. Jackson was wounded in the back and died at Detroit Receiving Hospital.
Bruner and Lawson were arrested after a two-year investigation.
Bruner, who gave the Jackson family his condolences, said in court, “I did not commit this crime.” Bruner said he is not the same height as the man police were looking for and he was not in the club around the time the dispute erupted.
“I’m being framed for this crime,” said Bruner, who added he grew up with the Jackson family. He said he plans to appeal.
Following Monday’s sentencing, Strong warned parents in the courtroom to be sure their children make smart decisions and stay out of trouble.
Strong said “we gotta keep our children close” as he spoke about seeing the “same people” who show up in his courtroom and others committing crimes.

4 Security Officers Killed 8 Shot privateofficer.com



CHARLOTTE NC Jan 2 2015 If the beginning of this new year is any indication of what the security industry is facing, we are in serious trouble.
During the past 72 hours, at least eight security officers have been shot, four have died and another three security officers have been stabbed, all working New Year’s Eve celebration assignments.
We also have a reported of an on-duty security officer killed in a Michigan car accident and are working to confirm this information.
Birmingham Alabama police confirmed to our news desk this morning that a security officer shot during a confrontation at the Dollas Lounge on Bessemer Superhighway has died.
Officers said that security personnel working at the club ejected several men and that they later returned at around 5a.m.
Lt. Sean Edwards said that gunfire erupted and two security officers were shot and critically wounded. One of the security officers died shortly after arriving at the hospital with bullet wounds to his head. He has not been identified by police yet.
The second security officer has life-threatening injuries according to Edwards.

In the neighboring state of Mississippi, a security officer was shot and killed there during a New Year’s Eve celebration at a local nightclub. Information learned today states that a confrontation broke out in the parking lot during closing time and people began shooting.
The security officer’s name has not yet been released.

Two security officers were shot while working at a skating ring in San Bernardino California. Police responded to the shooting and found that Richard Williamson, 48, the owner of a security agency had been shot and killed during a gun battle with several armed men.
A truck driver who witnessed the shooting called the security officer a “hero” for standing his ground and protecting the hundreds of people gathered at the New Year’s Eve event for teens. A second security officer was also shot and is listed in serious condition.
The suspects are still not in police custody.

One security officer was shot in Houston and another has been shot in New York. Both were working at nightclubs and both have non-life threatening injuries.

We have numerous other unconfirmed shooting incidents involving security officers and are working on getting more information.
Further updates will be issued as we confirm details of all of the incidents.

Flint man convicted of killing security guard at age 17 gets life in prison without parole privateofficer.com


FLINT, MI Jan 1 2015– A Flint man who was convicted of murdering a security guard at age 17 will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Mick, Andy.jpgKenya Hyatt, 21, was sentenced by Genesee Circuit Judge Judith A. Fullerton to life without parole on Monday, Dec. 29. Hyatt previously was found guilty of first-degree felony murder in the August 2010 killing of John “Andy” Mick.
Floyd Gene Perkins, 23, was previously also sentenced to the life in prison without parole after he was found guilty of the same charge.
Authorities said Mick was finishing his shift around 4 a.m. Aug. 14, 2010, at Riverview Village apartments when Perkins and Hyatt approached him and tried to steal his gun. A struggle ensued and Mick was shot to death.
Since Hyatt was a minor at the time of the killing, Fullerton was required to hold a specialized sentencing hearing ollowing a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that deemed it unconstitutional for juveniles to face a mandatory life sentence without parole.
First-degree felony murder is punishable by life in prison without parole.
Gov. Rick Snyder, in light of the Supreme Court decision, signed a law in March that gave judges the discretion to sentence teen killers to life in prison or 25 to more than 60 years in prison following a sentencing hearing that often includes testimony on the juvenile’s upbringing, school record and criminal history.
Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton had filed a motion with Fullerton asking the judge to sentence Hyatt to life in prison.
Following Fullerton’s decision, Leyton said he thought the judge made the right call.
“It was an extremely heinous crime, and we asked that he receive that sentence,” Leyton said.
Both men were also convicted of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and felony firearms.
A third man, 33-year-old Aaron Williams, was found guilty Tuesday, July 1, of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, felony firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with felony murder, but jurors were unable to return a verdict on that count.
Hyatt’s attorney said his client received the life sentence but had no further comment.

Security officer shot to death during robbery privateofficer.com



MADERA CA Dec 23 2014 Madera police are investigating the shooting death of a security officer who came to the aid of a robbery victim near a downtown bar on Sunday night, Sgt. Giachino Chiaramonte said.

About 10:45 p.m., police were dispatched to a report of a gunshot victim on the 100 block of East Ninth Street and when they arrived, they found security officer Eusebio Gil, 30, of Fresno, suffering from a single gunshot wound to the left side of the torso.

He died en route to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. Gil was working security at Mr. D’s bar, less than a block away across the Union Pacific railroad tracks.

Chiaramonte said Gil saw a robbery in progress and went to help the victim. He was shot while he intervened. The suspects were only described as young Hispanic men by police.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Madera police at (559) 675-4220.



BANGOR WA. Dec 17 2014 Federal authorities confirmed today that a contract security officer died while on duty at the Naval Base Kitsap at Bangor Washington.
The Press Release stated that the security officer was employed by Homeland Security Solutions, a subcontractor for a base support company with headquarters in Virginia.
50-year-old William Smith died in a boating accident but neither authorities nor the employer would release further details
The Kitsap County coroner’s office says Smith died from saltwater drowning.



Brooklyn NY Dec 13 2014 Police have named a suspect in the shooting of two security officers in Brownsville.
One security officer was critically injured while the other as one has passed away from his injuries.
Security officer Aaron Locklear, 30, succumbed to his injuries family members say.
He and his co-worker, Glen Lawrence, were shot while working security at Riverdale Towers on Livonia Avenue last month. Investigators have named Antonio Mahon as a suspect, and are asking for help trying to locate him.

Erie man to stand trial for murder of nightcub security officer privateofficer.com


Erie PA Dec 12 2014 An Erie man will stand trail for the shooting death of a bouncer outside an after-hours club.

Dominic Diaz, 24, of West 18th Street, was bound over for court during a preliminary hearing this afternoon. Diaz is charged with criminal homicide in the shooting death of Hercules Rieger, 39.  The only eyewitness at the hearing was a reluctant witness, a man who is being held in jail on $1 million bond, to insure that he would show up for court.

Diaz is charged with shooting Rieger during the early morning hours of August 23 outside an after-hours club on the 1000 block of Wayne Street.  The witness, Javon Martin, 31, testified he was on a front porch across the street from the club and saw Diaz shoot Rieger, who was working security at the front door.

Diaz’ attorney, Bruce Sandmeyer, challenged Martin’s credibility.  He says there were dozens of other people outside the club during the shooting, including another bouncer.  Sandmeyer questioned why the only eyewitness for the prosecution is Martin, a man who was released from prison on probation charges after he agreed to testify against Diaz.  Then, after agreeing to testify, Martin failed to show up at a preliminary hearing for the case that was scheduled for last October.  Martin was later found in Tennessee by U.S. Marshalls.  He testified today wearing prison clothes.

Sandmeyer asked District Judge Paul Urbaniak to dismiss the charges. Instead, Urbaniak bound Diaz over for trial.

“There was some testimony, of course, from Mr. Martin about what he allegedly saw that day. But, for us, there’s a question how so many people being present, and only one, that appears to be a very unreliable witness, presenting evidence at this preliminary hearing,” Sandmeyer said.

A date for the  trial has not been scheduled.




MIAMI FLA Dec 10 2014 A Florida security officer is gunned down and Miami Police detectives are searching for the gunman who took the life of a father who worked at two different security jobs to support his wife and two young children.

“It make my stomach turn,” said Shawn Loriston, who told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that his 50-year-old cousin, Francois Presley, was shot and killed while sitting in his car outside the Chez Le Bebe restaurant.
Miami Police said Presley was discovered in his full security guard uniform in his car at the restaurant at 114 N.E. 54th St. at 11:45 p.m. on Monday. He was on duty at the time of his death but police do not know what happened or what lead to his death. “I’m still in shock,” said Brian Loriston, the victim’s cousin.

“I still feel like he is going to come and pull me in and tell me something. He is the last person I expected to pass away.” Presley, who had two young boys and at least three older children, was devoted to his family. “He was very hard working,” said Shawn Loriston. “He comes home at one in the morning, two in the morning to support his family and his kids, without any complaint. We have to stop the violence. The violence is getting out of hand.”

Presley’s cousins said Presley worked at the Carol Mart flea market at N.W. 27th Ave. and N.W. 183rd St. in Miami Gardens as well as Chez Le Bebe restaurant as a security guard.
They said he had no enemies that they know of. They also said he was firm with people who he dealt with as a security guard. Miami Police checked the restaurant and nearby businesses for surveillance tape.
Detectives and the cousins are appealing for help. So far police have no suspects or a description of the shooter. Anyone with information that can help Miami Police should call them or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS (8477).

Philadelphia security officer found tied up and dead at storage business privateofficer.com


A security officer was found tied up and dead inside a van at a storage facility in Southwest Philadelphia shortly after 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Police responded to a 911 call from the manager at the Locker Room Storage Inc. in the 2200 block of 62nd Street where they found the 67-year-old security guard inside a conversion van at the facility. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Sources say he was tied up and had massive head trauma.
The last time anyone talked to the victim was around 11:30 Sunday morning.
“He was a big guy. It had to be more than one person to challenge him and take him down like that,” said Albert Mosley, victim’s friend.
A manager of the business and friends told Action News the victim worked at the facility for several years and he would complain about people getting over the barbed wire fence. In fact, sources say it appears the killer or killers used another van that belonged to the guard to ram the fence and make an escape.
“I just can’t believe he’s dead. Something else had to be going on down here for that to happen. He challenged them? They broke into this place and they challenged him and that’s what happened? He wasn’t the type of guy who would run away,” said Mosley.
Investigators scoured over the property while detectives were inside the office looking at surveillance video. “Right now we’re looking for witnesses, we’re canvassing for video, we don’t have anything definitive yet but hopefully somebody will give us a call with information,” said Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross, Philadelphia Police.
Police did not make the identity of the security officer public as of late Sunday night.
Police are investigating this incident as a homicide.

Two convicted in murder of Detroit security officer privateofficer.com


Marcel Jackson
Detroit MI Dec 5 2014— Two men have been convicted in the murder of a well-known city anti-crime crusader.
Carl Bruner and Michael Lawson were convicted early Thursday by a Wayne County jury in the killing of Marcel Jackson, a key member of the crime prevention and crime-fighting community group Detroit 300.
Jackson, 39, was shot to death in June 2012 while working as a security officer at the downtown nightclub Pandemonium in the 400 block of Congress.
The night he was shot, Jackson had reportedly kicked a man out of the club for hitting a woman. The man returned to the bar after closing to allegedly retrieve his cellphone but security guards would not let him back into the club because he refused to be patted down for possible weapons. The man returned with another suspect and fired shots, wounding Jackson in the back. He died at Detroit Receiving Hospital.
Bruner and Lawson were arrested after a two-year investigation.
Jackson, a married father of six, was the owner of the Southfield executive protection agency United Security and Urban Services.
Jackson’s widow Hollie said “I’m very relieved. Justice was done.”
As part of his efforts fighting crime in the city with Detroit 300, Jackson searched the streets for a man who allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl on Detroit’s west side.
Sentencing for Bruner and Lawson is Jan. 5 before Wayne County Circuit County Judge Craig Strong.
Detroit News

Brooklyn security officer shot to death privateofficer.com


3 men wanted for questioning after woman shot dead in Bronx

Brooklyn NY Dec 4 2014 A Brooklyn based chef who also worked as a security guard was fatally shot in the head near her home early Tuesday after she stepped out to a nearby deli in The Bronx, cops said.
The victim, identified as Dune Janelle Jacobs, 31, was on East 213th Street and Carlisle Place in Williamsbridge at 1 a.m. when she was shot in the head, police said.
A close friend of the family, Richard Carter,33, said she was “no more than 200 yards away from her front door step. It just doesn’t make any sense.”
Jacobs, who was a chef at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brooklyn, was with her younger sister and mother moments before the slaying inside the home.
“Her mother is taking it hard. She’s not doing well. She has never been involved in gangs or drugs. How could something like this happen to someone like her?” Carter explained.
EMS rushed Jacobs to Jacobi Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, authorities said.
Investigators are looking to question three men who were seen running toward a white Nissan Altima moments after the slaying.
That vehicle was last seen on nearby Gunther and Givian avenues, according to police.
“She was a positive person,” Carter said.
Police sources said she had a security job but it wasn’t immediately known which company she was employed with.
Jacobs has no arrest history in New York.
Police are still trying to determine a motive.
NY Post

San Diego Homicide Cold Case of Security Guard Shooting Reopened privateofficer.com


San Diego CA Dec 2 2014 Authorities asked for public’s help Monday in solving the shooting death of a security guard outside a Rolando-area tavern about a year ago.
Ernesto Rafael Gonzalez, 38, was fatally shot Nov. 30, 2013, while standing in front of Chelato’s Bar and Grill in the 7100 block of El Cajon Blvd. about 11:30 p.m., according to San Diego County Crime Stoppers.
Witnesses described seeing two gunmen wearing dark clothing flee the scene on foot.
Anyone with additional information about the shooting was asked to call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.
times of san diego

Private contract security officer killed in Afghanistan privateofficer.com


Ronnie Jessiman
Afghanistan Dec 2 2014 A private security contractor who was killed in Afghanistan was doing an “essential job”, an MP has said.

Ronnie Jessiman, 33, was killed when a suicide bomber attacked a British embassy vehicle on Thursday.

He lived in Canterbury with his wife and had previously served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, before joining security company G4S in 2013.

Julian Brazier MP praised the work done by private security contractors in Afghanistan.

Mr Brazier, who represents Canterbury and Whitstable, said: “We continue to need people protecting people in our embassy as Ronnie was.

“Each time I’ve been to Afghanistan I’ve seen the excellent job which these civilian security guards – all of them ex-military – are doing protecting diplomats and visitors like myself.”
The bombing was the latest in a series of attacks in the Afghan capital
Three Afghans were killed in the attack and more than 30 wounded, which the Taliban said they carried out.

A G4S spokesman said Mr Jessiman had served on two tours in Afghanistan for the British army.

He added: “Ronnie was married in August this year and lived in Canterbury with his wife Natalie.

“Ronnie was the son of a Scottish serviceman (Royal Engineer) and the family lived in Glasgow.”

St Louis security guard killed during nightclub confrontation privateofficer.com


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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO Nov 24 2014 St. Louis county police are investigating a week-end homicide at Knockouts Bar and Grill during its grand opening weekend.
On Saturday night, a patron went outside to smoke a cigarette. When he attempted to get back in, the suspect was refused re-entry by the security guard at the door.
He argued and even attempted to get back inside through the exit door, but was pushed to the ground by the guard.
Witnesses heard the suspect threaten to harm the guard before he left the scene.
A short time later, the suspect returned.  When another patron exited the bar, the suspect ran inside through the exit door and shot the security, identified as Herbert Burnett, 30, multiple times.
Burnett was rushed to the hospital where he died.
Police have not released a suspect description.
The restaurant is located in the Clock Tower Plaza shopping center at I-270 and West Florissant in an unincorporated north St. Louis County.
The St. Louis County Police Crimes Against Persons Unit is investigating.
The bar was hosting a live watch party for the big Pacquiao-Algieri championship boxing match Saturday night.
Witnesses say several high profile guests were in attendance including basketball star Larry Hughes, former Ram Orlando Pace, and Michael Brown, Sr., the father of Michael Brown, Jr., the teenager shot and killed in August by a Ferguson Police officer.