Houston security officer found shot to death privateofficer.com

Houston TX July 6 2015  Police are investigating the murder of a Houston security officer.

Police found the man’s body shot and left for dead in a parking lot last night in southwest Houston.

Officers were called out around 8pm to a manufacturing business on Highway 288 and the South Loop near NRG Stadium.

The security guard there was lying dead in the parking lot and police say that he had been shot sometime in the past 24 to 48 hours.

Police say it looks like his phone was used by someone just before the man was killed.

Police are still working to find a motive and a suspect.

The name of the security officer and his employer was not released during the initial press release.

Detroit man admits to killing security officer sent to prison privateofficer.com

DETROIT MI July 4 2015

A man who admitted to shooting and killing a Highland Park reserve police officer who was working security at a night club has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

Walter Jennings pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Roderick Jones’ death.

He was sentenced Thursday to 20 to 50 years on the murder charge and also five years on a felony firearms charge.

“I apologize to my family. I am sorry,” Jennings said in court.

Jones was shot multiple times Feb. 7 outside the Opyum Lounge on Eight Mile Road.

Jones was working as a security guard at the Lounge and told Jennings he would have to leave. Shortly after, Jennings shot Jones.

Jones was also a combat veteran, having served as U.S. Army Ranger.

Oakland man found guilty of murder of security officer, truck driver privateofficeer.com

Karl Sanft Photo: Hayward Police

Oakland CA June 26 2015 A judge on Wednesday convicted a man of two counts of first-degree murder for killing a security guard and a truck driver during a 2010 robbery and brutal attack at a Hayward auto-auction lot.

The truck driver was sleeping on the lot, but the killer was accused of waking him up and stabbing him, saying, “God doesn’t like snitches.”

Karl George Sanft, who turned 40 Wednesday, was convicted after a bench trial before retired Judge Joseph Hurley in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland.

The case now moves to a sanity phase. Sanft has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, and after closing arguments by both sides Monday, Hurley will announce Tuesday whether he believes Sanft was sane when he killed security guard Angelito Erasquin, 63, of Hayward and truck driver Jim Wightman, 56, of Central Point, Ore.

If the judge finds that Sanft was sane, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. If he is found insane, he will be sent to a state mental hospital.

Prosecutors said Sanft, hoping to steal a car, drove a Mitsubishi Mirage to the sprawling Manheim San Francisco Bay auto-auction business on Auction Way, just east of Interstate 880, in the early morning of Feb. 2, 2010. He used the car to ram through the locked front gate.

Erasquin, who was not armed, confronted Sanft and told him that the police had been called. The guard tried to run but was chased down by Sanft, who used a knife to stab him 17 times, authorities said. Sanft also stole the guard’s wallet, watch and other property, police said.

Sanft removed the rear license plate of a Chevrolet Trailblazer at the lot and stole boxes containing keys and documents for vehicles, police said. He was about to leave when he spotted Wightman sleeping in the cab of his idling auto-transport truck.

Security Officer Dies in DUI Accident privateofficer.com

San Juan PR June 13 2015

An on-duty security officer was the victim of a drunk driving accident this week and suffered serious injuries according to police.
The security officer was taken to an area hospital but succumbed to his injuries.
Police have arrested the driver of the other vehicle but the exact charges have not yet been determined.
The name of the security officer is pending release.

Pimlico Race Course security officer shot to death privateofficer.com

Baltimore MD June 11 2015

A man shot and killed on a Pimlico Race Course parking lot this past weekend worked at the track as a security officer and may have been the victim of robbery according to police.

Relatives of Kevin Jones told the media that they want to know why the 22-year-old was killed and who did it.

“We just can’t get around this. It’s so sad. Can’t get around it,” said Earlene Neals, the victim’s grandmother.

Relatives described Jones as a quiet, good-natured person who stayed to himself. Each day, he walked to work from his grandmother’s house just a few blocks from the race track. He was shot multiple times on the track’s parking lot around 5 a.m. Sunday.

“He went to work every day, stayed out of trouble. He was doing what he was supposed to do. I don’t understand this,” said Jones’ father, Reginald Jones. “He came home from work, came in. He loved old music. He would be in his room playing old music. I can’t grasp this.”

A spokesman for Pimlico would only say Kevin Jones worked at the race course. His family said they have learned few details from the police investigation. Detectives have said the victim was walking across the parking lot when he was approached by an unknown person and shot.

Not guilty pleas for East Bay men accused of 2014 killing of security guard privateofficer.com

San Jose CA June 4 2015 Four men pleaded not guilty Monday to murder and robbery charges in the last year’s killing of a security guard near the MacArthur BART Station.

The charges against Joel Robinson, 21, of Berkeley, Amari Harmon, 18, of San Leandro, and Oakland residents Tony Reed, 23, and Steven Hall, 24, make the defendants eligible for death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors say that on Dec. 5, 2014, the group lured 20-year-old Oakland resident Hamilton Rodriguez-Ramos to the 500 block of 37th Street and that Harmon shot him.

Rodriguez-Ramos, who was a security guard at an East Oakland beauty supply store, died of his wounds four days later.

Harmon was 17 at the time but is being prosecuted as an adult.

The defendants are being jailed without bail. They return to court July 20 to schedule a preliminary hearing.
Mercury News

Broward County fails to indict police in shooting death of 73 year old security officer privateofficer.com

Broward County FL June 3 2015 Last month, grand juries cleared two police shooting cases that were brought to them by the state attorney’s office in Broward County, including a case in which an elderly security guard was killed after he had called police to report a suspicious person.

n September, 2012, Earl David Brown, 73, was securing the grounds of the recycling facility for the past 35 years when he reportedly noticed a “prowler” on the grounds. Brown called the Lauderhill police department for assistance. But when the cops arrived, they saw Brown, who was armed, and shot him.

Brown was taken to the hospital where he fought for his life for two weeks until his body finally gave out. In January 2014, the City of Lauderhill paid $300,000 in a wrongful death settlement to Brown’s widowed wife.

Despite the egregious error on the part of Lauderhill police, a grand jury returned a “no true bill” verdict, on May 20 according to the state attorney’s office, and the officers have been cleared of any potential criminal charges.

1863 SECURITY OFFICER DEATHS SINCE 2000 privateofficer.com

JUNE 1 2015

(Medium age = 47)

This data includes the positions of:

Uniform Contract Security Officers
Proprietary Security Personnel
Non-Sworn Campus Public Safety
Private-Sworn Police Officers
Retail Security including Loss Prevention Agents
Nightclub Bouncers-Doormen-Security Guards
Law Enforcement Officers Killed While Working Private Security Details

And other positions whose primary functions involved security and protection of persons and property.

The following information is a study and analytical collection of data pertaining to the number of private security officers killed in the line of duty during the past fifteen years.

This comprehensive report was compiled by our staff using news media, official press releases, law enforcement media releases, governmental data, public records, and first hand reporting as well as statistical data collected by our news department since 2004.

The actual deaths and injuries may be between 10-15 % higher than what is being reported.

The reason for this difference includes inaccurate reporting by state agencies that collect the data, incomplete or no media report covering deaths of security personnel and classification errors that misrepresent the job title of the person killed when official reports are filed.

The data, collected by our full time news and research staff has shown both substantial decreases and increases in security officer deaths during the past fifteen years which mirrors statistics for the law enforcement community.

Injuries, workplace violence and armed assaults have increased by approximately 34%.

The five areas where deaths of security personnel occur most often has shifted slightly during the past fifteen years and currently include:

Nightclubs: bars, adult entertainment and restaurants that serve alcohol

Loss Prevention-Retail Security including shopping malls and centers, big box and specialty retailers and pharmacies

Residential including apartments, condominiums, long term hotels, Homeowner Associations (HOA’s)

General Security Assignments including office and mixed use complexes, special events and patrol assignments

Armored Cars

States with most deaths during the past 15 years include:
New York


Gunshot  66.9
Blunt Force Trauma 11.6
Medical/Health Emergencies  5.8
Workplace Hazards  5.7
Bladed Instruments  5.6
Motor Vehicle Accidents  4.4

The overwhelming majority of all on-duty security officer deaths were the direct result of the security officer being a victim of robbery, violent attacks and assaults or being involved in a heroic action  to detain, arrest or stop someone in the act of committing a crime, while protecting life and property.
Almost 85% of all deaths were directly related to a deadly force act against the security officer while less than fifteen percent of the deaths resulted from medical emergencies, motor vehicle or training accidents or workplace hazards.
Injuries, assaults, armed confrontations and workplace violence in the areas of loss prevention, residential community security, general patrol assignment and special event locations have seen substantial yearly increases since 2005 and as security officer duties continue to include enforcement components, this trend will only increase.
Security officers assigned to hospitals, schools and hotel properties are also increasingly assaulted and injured and there assignments now rank in the top ten high risk assignments for security personnel.

Atlanta area security officer found shot to death privateofficer.com


EAST POINT, Ga. May 24 2015  — East Point police are investigating the death of a security guard found in a crashed white SUV next to Clarus Linen Service.

Police say one of the businesses employees called 911 to report an SUV crashed into the fence outside their building.

The employee also told police the front of the SUV caught fire when it crashed, but another employee put it out.

Police say the man behind the wheel of the truck was a security guard at Tri-Cities Plaza, which is about 300 feet from the crash scene.

Investigators found broken glass in the parking lot that matches the glass from the crashed SUV.

According to police, the security guard was shot and involuntarily put his foot on the gas pedal.

Police are investigating this as a suspicious death.

Man charged in 2012 slaying of Wackenhut guard privateofficer.com

Demarkeo Lockhart: Man, 21, has been charged in the killing of Hester Jackson.

Richmond County GA May 22 2015
The police investigation into the slaying of a Wackenhut guard at Savannah River Site has been closed with an arrest after more than two years.

Richmond County sheriff’s Lt. Allan Rollins confirmed Thursday that Demarkeo Jarome Lockhart, 21, has been charged in the killing of Hester Jackson.
Lockhart was booked into the Richmond County jail a week ago on charges of driving under a suspended license. Charges of murder, burglary in the first degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and false statement in a government matter have since been added.
On the anniversary of Jackson’s death last year, investigators said the case had gone cold, and although detectives had an idea who it could have been, it would come down to someone talking.
Police said Jackson, 56, was fatally shot when he arrived at his home in the 2700 block of Willis Foreman Road from his job at Wackenhut Services on Dec. 8, 2012, and surprised a burglar. Police found his body the next morning after he failed to show up for work and didn’t answer phone calls from his wife.
According to Lockhart’s arrest warrants, he entered Jackson’s home through a rear door and removed three watches. He then used a .380-caliber handgun to shoot the victim multiple times in the torso.
The warrant also said that upon Lockhart’s arrest for a traffic violation last week he told a sheriff’s investigator that his friends “Jay” and “Zay” told him they shot and killed Jackson while attempting to burglarize his home. Investigators were later able to identify Jay and Zay and determine the two men were in custody at the Georgia Department of Corrections when Jackson was killed. The two men told police they never told Lockhart anything about Jackson’s slaying.
Jackson was an Air Force veteran and had been employed at Wackenhut for 29 years. He was described in his obituary as an “avid racquetball player” who played across the country and was a “dynamic” saxophone player.
Jackson was also newly married. He and his wife, Brenda, had known each other for more than 20 years before finally tying the knot about six months earlier. Brenda Jackson was still living in North Carolina when her husband was killed. She was in the process of moving and had planned to move the final truck of her belongings the next week. Investigators said she had remained a faithful caller seeking answers to her husband’s death.
The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, WSI-SRS and Professional Pro-Force of Savannah River Local 125 also offered a $10,000 reward, hoping it would convince someone to give details on the case.
“They obviously don’t know how this feels to be without your mate and friend,” Brenda Jackson said on the one-year anniversary of her husband’s death. “I just want them to turn themselves in and justice be served. It won’t bring him back, but it will give me some peace and closure.”
Augusta Chronicle

3 charged with murder of Clarksdale security guard privateofficer.com

16-year-old Kentavious Nolan (top left), 20-year-old Jeremy Evans (top right), and 21-year-old Demarcus Bryant (bottom center) are charged with murder. (Source: Clarksdale Police Department)

CLARKSDALE, MS May 16 2015
Three men are charged with shooting and killing a Clarksdale, Mississippi security guard.
The shooting happened around 1 a.m. Tuesday at the Clarksdale public utility guard house in the 200 block of Hicks Street.
Police say the 59-year-old security guard was inside the gate when he was shot by someone on the other side.
The guard, who family members say is 59-year-old Finnis Melvin “Butch” Catledge III., died.
Clarksdale Police Department arrested 16-year-old Kentavious Nolan, 20-year-old Jeremy Evans, and 21-year-old Demarcus Bryant. They are charged and are each being held in jail on $500,000 bond.

MS. Security Officer Shot to Death privateofficer.com


A security officer was shot and killed early Tuesday morning in a small Mississippi town and police do not know why.

Butch Catledge, 59, was shot at the Clarksdale Public Utilities South Plant on Highway 49.
The shooting happened around 1 a.m. at the Clarksdale public utility guard house in the 200 block of Hicks Street.
Police say he was inside the gate when he was shot by someone on the other side.
The security officer, who worked for Woods Security, died at the hospital.
Police have not said if they have any suspects.

Fla Security Officer Dies in Collision privateofficer.com


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – May 13 2015

Security officer on his way from home died early this morning after striking a 18 wheeler on Interstate 95.

Charles Robert Campbell had just gotten off duty from World Golf Village when he was killed in a chain reaction accident that shut down Interstate 95 for eight hours, his family said.

Kathy Swindell, Campbell’s sister, was able to contact authorities and let them know it was her 59-year-old brother’s car that was involved in the accident.

Campbell’s family remembers him as a humorous, fun-loving, gentle giant.

“He was always fun-loving and cutting up. Playing with the kids. Sometimes I think he was the bigger kid,” Swindell said.

Campbell spent several years in the military serving his country, but his biggest love was a home-cooked meal while surrounded by his family. Swindell, who describes herself as a Christian, said she only hopes her brother was at peace and offered some words of wisdom.

“Enjoy life, live it to the fullest, and always hug and love those that are closest to you and never take that for granted. Because you never know when they’re going to leave,” Swindell said.

Since Campbell did not have a wife or kids, the family is reaching out for help with burial costs. They have created a Go Fund me account.

Los Angeles man charged in San Bernardino marijuana dispensary slaying of security officer privateofficer.com


SAN BERNARDINO CA April 30 2015 A Los Angeles man has been charged with the deadly shooting of a security guard at a medical marijuana dispensary back in February.
Curtis James Jackson, 21, was charged Monday with murder and burglary, according to the criminal complaint filed by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, in connection to the death of Anthony Pineda, 25, of Rowland Heights.
Jackson is next scheduled to be in San Bernardino Superior Court on May 6, records show.
San Bernardino police picked up Jackson from the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Division last Thursday, San Bernardino County sheriff’s booking records show.
On the night of Feb. 16, two gunmen stormed the illegal dispensary in a strip mall at 2844 Rialto Ave.
They forced their way into the rear portion of the business where the marijuana products were located.
It’s unclear what happened directly before the shooting occurred, but officials believe that Pineda fired back, possibly striking one of the would-be robbers. Detectives believe the wounded gunman may have been critically shot from the amount of blood loss at the scene.
Police had to break down the front door to get to Pineda, who was found alone in the rear of the dispensary, officials said. Pineda was pronounced dead at the location.
It’s unclear if the dispensary workers locked Pineda inside or if the security door automatically locked after everyone ran outside, however, police say the employees were not cooperating with officers. It’s also unknown if anything was taken from the location.
The 25-year-old guard was scheduled to work security at this year’s Academy Awards when he was killed. Pineda also worked as an ocean lifeguard in Huntington Beach and was an avid water polo player and enthusiast.
The case is still under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Josh Cunningham at 909-384-5745 or Sgt. Carl Williams at 909-693-6665.

U.S. Census Bureau security officer shot to death privateofficer.com

SUITLAND, Md. April 10 2015 — A security officer shot when he approached a couple fighting in a car near a gate to the U.S. Census Bureau has died, according to a hospital spokeswoman.
Erika Murray said early Friday that Lawrence Buckner, 59, died at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Md., at 7:19 p.m. ET Thursday.
The shooting at the Census complex near Washington, D.C., was part of a string of events that started with an apparent argument between a couple and ended with a police chase into the District that left the suspect and a Metropolitan Police Department sergeant with gun wounds, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Thursday night during a briefing.
Lanier said she had no information on the conditions of either.

The chain of events started at about 6 p.m. when a car with a couple apparently arguing inside approached the gate of the Census Bureau in Suitland, Md., Lanier said. As the security guard approached the car, described as a green Honda, he was shot by gunfire coming from inside the car.
Police chased the vehicle into the District, where the occupants fired at a police car in one location. The suspect car fled again with police in pursuit, and shots were fired at a police car at a second location. Then the suspect car fled once more, Lanier said. At a location in Northeast Washington not far from Union Station, police cars blocked the path of the suspect vehicle and a crash took place. During a shootout that followed, the suspect was shot as well as the police sergeant, Lanier said.
Earlier at the Census Bureau, all entrances were shut down around 7:45 p.m. as heavily armed and armored tactical teams and sharpshooters moved in to the complex on Silver Hill Road, which also houses other federal offices. Media and bystanders were moved 200 yards away.
The Census Bureau has been headquartered there since 1942, and employs about 4,285 staff members.

Memphis teen pleads guilty to murdering security officer privateofficer.com


MEMPHIS, TN-April 7 2015-A Memphis teen pleaded guilty Thursday in the 2013 shooting death of a Parkway Village apartment security guard and was sentenced to 35 years in prison with no parole.

Cordarius Porter, 19, entered his guilty plea to second-degree murder before Criminal Court Judge Bobby Carter who accepted the settlement of the case.
Porter, who was 17 at the time of the shooting, admitted killing uniformed security guard Joseph Williams shortly after 11:00 p.m. on July 20, 2013, a the Camelot Manor Apartments at Camelot and Ashwood.
Williams, 32, was shot once in the arm and twice in the chest and was pronounced dead a short time later.
Investigators said Porter was angry that Williams had chased him off the apartment premises earlier.
Witnesses identified Porter as the shooter. He was arrested three days later and gave police a statement of admission.

DA drops homicide charge against man accused of shooting Homewood bar security guard privateofficer.com

Pittsburgh PA April 2 2015 The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office withdrew charges Tuesday against a Lincoln-Lemington man accused in the shooting death of a Homewood security guard, court records in the case show.
Pittsburgh police had charged Kevin L. Ford, 28, with homicide, conspiracy, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment in the death of Deion Nesbitt, 24, at the Rendezvous Phase III bar in Homewood on Feb. 16.
Mike Manko, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, said that although probable cause initially existed for police to file the charges against Ford, “a further review of the case indicates that we would not be able to sustain our burden of proof.”
Ford’s lawyer, Warner Mariani, said his client’s actions inside the bar “did not rise” to warrant the charges. Mariani said he has not yet spoken to Ford.
Two others accused of Nesbitt’s death — Harvey Scott, 26, of Lincoln-Lemington and Tiqwan Green, 29, of Wilkinsburg — remain in the Allegheny County Jail. Greenfield District Judge James J. Hanley Jr. dismissed the charges against a fourth man at a preliminary hearing last week.
A witness told police Scott shot Nesbitt while the two tussled on the floor. The witness said Green shot at her while she was sitting in her car getting ready to take Nesbitt to the hospital. She was grazed, but did not seek treatment.
The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office said Nesbitt was shot four times. He died at UPMC Presbyterian.


Clearwater detectives make arrest in 2006 killing of hotel security guard privateofficer.com

MisseyCLEARWATER FL March 26 2015 — Kenneth Robert Missey, a sex offender with a lengthy criminal record, tried to convince detectives someone else fatally shot an unarmed security guard in 2006.

“He played a game of misdirection and false information,” Clearwater police Chief Dan Slaughter said during a news conference Tuesday.
But that game ended when detectives discovered Missey, 50, was giving false alibis and pointing them toward a potential suspect who was in prison at the time of William “Bill” Williams’ slaying.
Missey was indicted Friday on a charge of first-degree murder.
On Sept. 22, 2006, about 5:30 a.m., Missey barged into the Fairfield Inn & Suites at 3070 Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. brandishing a gun and wearing a mask similar to what the character Jason wore in the movie Friday the 13th, Slaughter said.
Missey pointed the gun at the front desk clerk and ordered her to give him money, the chief said. When Williams, a security guard for Janus Security Services of Tampa, headed toward the commotion, Missey shot him twice, the chief said, adding that Williams of New Port Richey died in the lobby as Missey ran off with about $400.
It wasn’t until 2008 that Missey contacted Clearwater detectives. He gave them the gun used to kill Williams, saying it belonged to someone else. But investigators determined that man was behind bars at the time of the homicide.
“There were many, many small pieces of this investigation that have gotten us to this point,” Slaughter said.
Missey’s criminal history includes convictions for sexual battery, vehicle theft, fraud and grand theft, state records show.
He is currently in prison on charges of fleeing and eluding an officer and felon in possession of a weapon.
Tampa Bay Times

Berkeley man charged with special circumstance murder in security guard privateofficer.com

OAKLAND CA March 18 2015 — A Berkeley man was charged Monday with special circumstance murder in connection to the December robbery and fatal shooting of a security guard who was lured to a quiet street near the MacArthur BART Station where he was attacked, authorities said.

Joel Robinson, 21, was expected to be arraigned in an Oakland courtroom Tuesday on one count of murder in the slaying of 20-year-old Hamilton Rodriguez-Ramos, who was shot and robbed Dec. 5 in the 500 block of 37th Street. Rodriguez-Ramos, of Oakland, a security guard at a hair supply business in East Oakland, died from his wounds Dec. 9.

 The U.S. Marshals arrested Robinson on Friday in Berkeley, Oakland police Officer Frank Bonifacio said.

Court papers show Robinson is also charged with a special circumstance allegation that makes him eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole and that he is one of four men accused in Rodrigues-Ramos’ death.

 Also charged with special circumstance murder are Amari Harmon, of San Leandro — the suspected gunman who was 17 when the fatal shooting occurred but has since turned 18 and is being prosecuted as an adult; Steven Hall, 24, of Oakland; and Tony A. Reed, 23, of Oakland. They were each arrested Jan. 9 at their homes.
 Police said Harmon and Rodriguez-Ramos knew each other for several years, having attended Encinal High School in Alameda together.

Oakland police Acting Lt. Randy Brandwood said the trio lured Rodriguez-Ramos to the 37th Street site, an area where they hang out, to rob him. Police say he was shot without provocation and robbed of cash and other items. His car was also taken and it was later recovered near the home of someone related to Reed, police said.

Tips from community members and video surveillance placing the three suspects in the area led to their arrests, Brandwood said. Each were being held without bail at Santa Rita Jail on Tuesday.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with information is asked to call police at 510-238-3821.
Mercury News

Detroit man convicted of security officer murder receives 371/2 years in prison privateofficer.com


diDetroit MI March 8 2015— A second man convicted in the murder of one of the city’s most well-known anti-crime crusaders was sentenced Friday to at least 371/2 years in prison.
Michael Lawson was found guilty in December of killing Marcel Jackson, a member of the crime-fighting community group Detroit 300. Jackson, a 39-year-old married father of six, was shot to death in June 2012 while working as a security officer for the downtown Pandemonium nightclub.
Lawson was sentenced to 371/2 to 75 years in prison, according to Mark Bernardi, a spokesman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. He was convicted of second-degree murder while another man, Carl Bruner, was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced last month to life in prison.
The murder was “shocking, outrageous and more than sad,” Wayne County Circuit Judge Craig Strong said at Bruner’s sentencing.
“It’s a senseless killing of a man who was loved by his family … who was trying to do the right thing.”
Lawson’s sentencing was postponed to Friday because his attorney had surgery and was not able to read the presentence report, according to attorney David Steingold, who stood in for Lawson’s attorney last month.
Bruner, who gave the Jackson family his condolences, said in court, “I did not commit this crime.” Bruner said he is not the same height as the man police were looking for and he was not in the club around the time the dispute erupted.
“I’m being framed for this crime,” said Bruner, who added he grew up with the Jackson family. He said he plans to appeal.
Before Bruner was sentenced, Jackson’s widow, Hollie, and Jackson’s mother, Carolyn Warrior, spoke. The two women cried and held each other up as they spoke of the pain of losing Jackson.
“Marcel was a great father and a great man who would give you the shirt off his back,” Hollie Jackson said. “I don’t have any hatred in my heart for any one of them. I just want them to realize what they took away from my home and this community.”
Warrior said her son was a protector and a peacemaker who gave up some of his family time to canvass Detroit streets to rid the city of crime “because he loved the city so much.”
Warrior said her heart goes out to Bruner, whom she “loved like a son.” She said her heart also goes out to his mother and family.
“I lost a son. They lost a son as well,” she said.
The night he was killed, Jackson reportedly had removed a man, who authorities identified as Bruner, from Pandemonium for hitting a woman. The man returned to the bar after closing, allegedly to retrieve his cellphone, but security guards would not let him back inside because he refused to be patted down for possible weapons.
The man returned with someone else and fired shots. Jackson was wounded in the back and died at Detroit Receiving Hospital.
Bruner and Lawson were arrested after a two-year investigation.
Following Bruner’s sentencing, Strong warned parents in the courtroom to be sure their children make smart decisions and stay out of trouble.
Strong said “we gotta keep our children close” as he spoke about seeing the “same people” who show up in his courtroom and others committing crimes.