College security officer dies after being hit by DUI driver #PrivateOfficerNews

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. Jan 23 2016— A college security officer who was hit while in his golf cart by a drunken driver Tuesday has died from his injuries, investigators said.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers said Luis Lopez Garduno, 24, was intoxicated while driving a Mercedes SUV on the campus of Florida College of Integrative Medicine on Rio Grande Avenue in Orlando.

They said he hit Campus security officer James Sensenbaugh, 45, who was in a golf cart.

Troopers said when they arrived at the scene the SUV was on its roof while the golf cart had been crushed against a large tree in the parking lot.

Lopez Garduno walked away from the crash site and hid under one of the school’s portables, authorities said.

When Lopez Garduno eventually crawled out from under the portable, troopers said he appeared sluggish and smelled of alcohol.

They also said he had a flushed, red face and bloodshot eyes.

Authorities said that while in the back of the trooper’s patrol car, Lopez Garduno said he was on his way home and didn’t remember what had happened.

Lopez Garduno is facing multiple charges, including leaving the scene of a crash involving death. Those charges may be escalated now that the security officer has died.

Security Officer Killed in Hit-Run Crash #PrivateOfficerNews

Worcester MA Jan 11 2016 A 56-year-old Worcester, Massachusetts security officer was killed in a hit-and-run accident early Saturday morning in the city.
Police arrested Vincent Green, 21, of West Boylston, Massachusetts late Saturday. He was charged with failure to stay within marked lanes, failure to slow for a pedestrian in a roadway, leaving the scene of personal injury, operating a motor vehicle negligently as to endanger, and motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation.
The victim was later identified as Frank Jeff Call.
“Just terrible,” said Nancy Faucher, a friend of the victim. “You wonder if he wasn’t drunk, the person, he or she, that’s why they took off?”
The security guard who police think was working in the area was found unresponsive just before 3 a.m. in the area of 984 West Boylston St. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead before 3:30 a.m.
“He was a very good person, very, very good,” said Faucher. “It’s just too bad that it happened the way it did.”
People who live near the crash site say a city worker found the victim and tried CPR. Police said Green hit the man and took off.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Accident Reconstruction Office at (508) 799-8606.

1 arrested, 1 sought in ambush killing of Houston security guard #PrivateOfficerNews


Houston TX Jan 6 2016 One man has been arrested while his alleged accomplice is still at-large in the shooting death of a 71-year-old security guard in Houston.

According to Houston Police, Saul Cruz, 71, was sitting in his security patrol car in the 4700 block of Anderson at about 4:10 a.m. Dec. 22 when Daniel Moreno, 22, and Jonathan Vasquez sneaked up on his car and fatally shot him.-

The two men then allegedly fled on foot.

Both Moreno and Vasquez have now been charged with capital murder. Based on a Crime Stoppers tip, Moreno and Vasquez were identified and charged with capital murder. Moreno was arrested Dec. 28, however Vasquez remains at large.

Persons with information as to Vasquez’s location are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or HPD Homicide at 713-308-3600.

Houston Chronicle

Security ambushed-shot to death inside patrol vehicle #PrivateOfficerInternational

HOUSTON TX Dec 23 2015  Police investigators are combing the scene as officers are conducting a manhunt at this hour for the person or persons responsible for ambushing and killing a security officer.
We have been working to gather details for the past ninety minutes and have learned that a security officer was sitting in his marked patrol vehicle on duty at a gas station at the corner of Anderson Road and Campden Hill Rd.
Police say someone ambushed the officer, shooting him to death as he sat inside his vehicle.
Houston police have confirmed to us that they do know the name of the officer killed but are not releasing it until their family is notified.

This is an active crime scene and investigation and details are still being gathered.

Man found guilty in murder of Va. Beach nightclub security guard #PrivateOfficerNews

Andrew Roberts, photo courtesy Virginia Beach Police.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. Dec 19 2015  A jury has found a local man guilty of the murder of a Virginia Beach nightclub security guard.

Andrew Wesley Roberts, 29, was found guilty Wednesday of second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the death Tyrone Martin.

In May 2014, Martin was working as a security guard at Tropical Delights nightclub on Indian River Road. Police say he was checking IDs at the front door when he approached Roberts and a woman who had not shown an ID. Investigators said the woman refused to show her ID, which then started an argument between Roberts and Martin.

Police say that’s when Roberts pulled out a gun and shot Martin twice. Martin collapsed inside Tropical Delights and died at the hospital two days later. The entire incident was caught on video surveillance and played during the jury trial.

Roberts fled the scene and threw his gun into a river. He was later located and arrested in Atlanta.

Roberts has a prior conviction for Concealed Weapon.

He will be sentenced April 20.


Off-duty hospital security officer killed by police while stabbing wife #PrivateOfficerNews

MARINA, Calif. Dec 13 2015—A woman died in the hospital Friday after Marina police attempted to save her by fatally shooting her husband the night before.

Emergency dispatchers received a frantic 911 call at 8:20 p.m. from Rubie Elizabeth Gendreau Whitaker, reporting that she was being attacked by her husband.

Police said Thomas Arthur Gendreau Jr., 54, of Marina, stabbed his wife with a knife inside their house on the 3000 block of Independence Avenue.

The man continued stabbing her even after officers arrived, police said. One officer shot Gendreau to stop the attack and attempt to save the 58-year-old woman.

Gendreau was taken by ambulance to Natividad Medical Center’s trauma center, where he was pronounced dead. He died from at least one gunshot wound.

Whitaker was also taken to the hospital, where she died Friday morning. Whitaker died from injuries she suffered during her husband’s attack, police said.

Gendreau worked as a security guard at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.

One officer was placed on paid administrative leave and the investigation was handed over to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.


Hillsborough jury convicts 19-year-old in 2012 murder of security guard #PrivateOfficerNews

TAMPA FL Dec 8 2015 — A Hillsborough County jury voted on Monday to convict a 19-year-old of first-degree murder and other charges in the death of a private security guard in 2012.

After hearing testimony last week, the jury found Larry Brown guilty of murdering Michael Valentin, 38, who was guarding an East Tampa apartment complex when he was shot in the back of the head and killed almost instantly.

Prosecutors said Brown — who was 16 at the time — killed Valentin in a botched attempt to steal the guard’s gun.

On this point, the jurors disagreed with the state, finding Brown not guilty of attempted robbery.

The jury spent four hours in deliberations. Dressed in a dark suit that hung off his lanky frame, Brown had no reaction to the jury’s verdict.

Typically, a first-degree murder conviction would mean a mandatory life sentence without parole. But because he was a juvenile at the time of shooting, Brown could receive a lighter punishment. Before he is sentenced, a judge must hold a hearing to consider factors related to his age and prior criminal history, which in Brown’s case, is extensive.

Prosecutors said Valentin’s death on Nov. 21, 2012 was not a murder, but a “slaughter.”

He was standing guard when a teenager bicycled by and greeted him with a “What’s up?” Valentin looked down at his phone to check his text messages and, in that instant, was shot by the bicyclist, prosecutors said. After failing to pry Valentin’s gun from its holster, the shooter ran off.

It took several days for investigators to link the case to Brown, whose DNA was found on the bicycle abandoned next to the guard’s body. The gun used to kill the guard was traced to Brown’s mother, Nicole Bailey, who had noticed her 9mm Taurus pistol was missing on the day of the murder and immediately suspected her son.

“You have 10 minutes to get my gun back,” she texted him. Brown agreed, but he never returned the weapon.

“This is a man who didn’t hesitate, when the opportunity to presented itself, to put a bullet in another man’s head,” said Assistant State Attorney Sidney Harmon.

Defense attorneys for Brown did not call any witnesses and Brown declined to testify.

His attorneys argued that the state’s case had been pieced together by detectives eager to name a suspect and uninterested in pursuing other leads. They noted that Brown’s DNA was never found on Valentin’s gun or holster and said the state’s main witness had pinned the murder on him to protect her boyfriend, a close friend of Brown’s.

“The detectives didn’t consider everything,” said Assistant Public Defender Jennifer Spradley.

The jury also convicted Brown on two charges of robbery and grand theft of a firearm. Investigators said that in the days after he killed Valentin, he used his mother’s gun twice to rob two different men.

Brown is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 12.

Former security guard sentenced to life in killing of supervisor #PrivateOfficerNews

Los Angeles County CA Dec 5 2015 A former security guard was sentenced Sept. 10 to life in prison without the possibility of parole in the 2013 killing of his supervisor in Marina Del Rey, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Byron Keith Street, a 49-year-old black man, was convicted Sept. 4 of one count of murder with the special circumstance that the killing occurred during a burglary. Street was also convicted of burglary, false impersonation, counterfeit seal and three counts of vandalism over $400, according to prosecutors.

Street worked with Patrick Odoi-Kyene, 47, at an apartment complex in Marina Del Rey. The day before the shooting, Odoi-Kyene had reported that Street brought his girlfriend to work.

Hours before the shooting on Dec. 30, 2013, Street went to a parking garage and vandalized multiple cars, including Odoi-Kyene’s. Street also scratched the words “Patrick must go,” on a car, authorities said.

Street’s ex-girlfriend also pleaded no contest to knowledge of the crime after the fact.

Ann Una Bailey, a 25-year-old black woman, was sentenced in Sept. 2014 to 36 months of formal probation.

Security guard killed because teen wanted his gun

Michael Valentin was shot and killed on Nov. 21, 2012,  at the Grande Oaks Apartments in Tampa. 

TAMPA FL Dec 2 2015— The night before Thanksgiving three years ago, Michael Valentin was working as a security guard at an East Tampa apartment complex, checking cars going in and out of the front gate just like he always did.

As he traded texts with his niece in Wisconsin about taking part in a baptism, a 9 mm bullet entered the back of his head, ending his life.

Monday, the trial of the teenager charged with murdering Valentin began with the revelation that the youth had stolen the gun used in the homicide from his mother earlier that night. Prosecutors said the then-16-year-old boy saw Valentin had something he coveted: the guard’s 9 mm duty weapon.

Valentin, said Hillsborough Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon, “was being watched by a killer, a killer who saw something he wanted, and he killed to get it.”

Harmon told the jury of six men and six women that Larry “Joker” Brown, now 19 and facing a possible sentence of life in prison, was on a bicycle in the Grand Oak Apartment complex on East Hanna Avenue when he saw the security guard with a holstered handgun. Brown was armed with a Taurus handgun he had just stolen from his mother, Harmon said.

Shortly before the shooting, Brown had a text exchange with his mother, who gave him 10 minutes to get home with the gun.

“OK,” was the response from the teen.

But a few minutes later, Harmon said, the paths of Valentin, the 38-year-old father of two sons, crossed with Brown, a teenager with a record of 38 criminal charges over the previous six years of his life.

Brown “took the weapon out, took aim, leveled at the victim’s head and he pulled the trigger,” Harmon said. “(Valentin) didn’t have time to defend himself or utilize his training. It is clear this man never saw it coming.”

The state’s methodical approach to the case seeks to prove Brown was the person on the bicycle, seen by a handful of apartment residents and visitors prior to the shooting. The bicycle was left near the body of the security guard.

DNA samples taken from the handle grips matched Brown’s DNA, Harmon said. And the bullet that killed Valentin was fired from Brown’s mother’s gun, which was recovered a few days later.

The motive for the slaying, Harmon said, was that Brown wanted the security guard’s gun, “a hunk of metal and plastic worth about $500, maybe.”

The prosecutor said after Valentin was shot to death, Brown tried to pull the gun from the mortally wounded guard’s holster, “dragging his body across the concrete,’ but because of security measures, was unable to free the weapon.

The shooter fled empty handed, leaving the bicycle, his DNA and a shell casing behind.

“The defendant was unable to take the prize that he had murdered for,” Harmon told the jury.

Twice over the next six days, Harmon said, Brown used his mother’s gun to rob two men withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine at a bank on Fowler Avenue.

During that time, Tampa police detectives had connected some of the evidence, linking Brown to the robberies, to being in the apartment complex the night of the homicide and to the theft of the gun from his mother.

A week later, detectives found the clothes worn by Brown during the robberies and the Taurus semi-automatic handgun in an apartment rented by a couple of his friends.

Assistant Public Defender Jennifer Welker said the evidence against her client isn’t as clear cut as the state says.

There are discrepancies in descriptions of the shooter from a couple of witnesses who say they saw the man on the bike moments before the homicide occurred. It was dark and the biker stayed in darkened areas.

“This is a tragic event,” Welker said, “but the evidence in this case will fall short of what the state has to prove. Mr. Brown is not guilty in this case.”

She said some of the witnesses may have motivations to protect the real shooter, and they may have lied to investigators in implicating Brown.

She said there is a lot of traffic, pedestrian and vehicular, in the Grande Oak Apartment complex, and surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle but does not show the shooting.

“There is no evidence or testimony that places Mr. Brown around Michael Valentin at the time of the shooting,” she said.

As for the DNA sample taken from the bicycle handles, Welker said, several DNA samples belonging to different people were taken from the bicycle, not just her client’s.

She said others questioned that night were uncooperative. One tried to get away from police and another was found hiding in a closet.

Donald Williams was among the first witnesses to take the stand for the prosecution. He testified that he pulled into Grand Oak Apartments to pick up his stepson. He chatted briefly with Valentin at the front gate and headed north when he spotted a person on a bicycle. The bicyclist was under a tree, shielded from the street lights when he passed him, but he was pedaling slowly and drew Williams’ attention.

Williams, a former Albany, Georgia police officer, said he heard what thought was a gunshot and, with his stepson, headed back toward the complex’s entrance.

He saw the security guard lying on the ground and got out to see if he needed help.

“I observed he had a gunshot to the rear of his head,” Williams said. He checked for a pulse. There was none. He checked to see if Valentin was breathing. He wasn’t.

The other security guard came up, followed by two Tampa police officers who were there to serve an arrest warrant in an unrelated case.

Before coming to Florida where he took a job with Critical Intervention Services, Valentin was a police officer in New York City for nine years.

He began his new job with CIS a month before he was killed.

Brown, charged with first-degree murder and multiple robbery- and firearm-related charges, is not a candidate for the death penalty because of his age at the time of the homicide.

Between the ages of 10 and 16, Brown drew juvenile detention sentences for various crimes including petty theft, grand theft, burglary, grand theft of an auto and strong-armed robbery.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 18 months for theft and armed robbery and served 14 months of the sentence. He was released in July 2012, four months before Valentin’s death.

15 Security Officers Killed in October

CHARLOTTE NC Nov 15 2015

October proved to be a deadly month for private security officers in the U.S.
A total of 15 security officers were confirmed killed while on duty.
But we estimate based on a number of different factors, that 18 security officers may have been killed.

Of the confirmed deaths, 13 died of gunfire, 1 of a medical condition and 1 from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.

During the month of October, 181 other on duty security officers were critically injured from gunshots, severe trauma sustained during assaults, stabbings and in five incidents, assaulted with motor vehicles.

A complete statistical analysis of data to determine the number of security officer assaults during the month of October is incomplete.

Three men working for DynCorp International security firm killed in Jordan

WASHINGTON DC Nov 13 2015 — Three men killed in Monday’s shooting attack at a police training centre near Amman worked for DynCorp International, the company said on Tuesday.

DynCorp, an American intelligence and security contractor, said in a statement that one of its employees killed in the incident was American, one was South African and the third was Jordanian.

The company identified the American victim as Lloyd “Carl” Fields, 46, of Cape Coral, Florida, a former deputy sheriff from Louisiana. DynCorp said Fields began working for the company as a police adviser in Iraq in 2006, and worked as a police adviser in Afghanistan before moving to the Jordan International Police Training Centre, where Monday’s shooting took place.

The company identified the South African killed in the shooting as Conrad Vaughn Whitehorn, 37, of Johannesburg, who previously had worked as a bodyguard and driver before joining DynCorp.

DynCorp said that the name of the Jordanian killed in the incident was not being immediately released “out of respect for the family’s privacy”.

US officials have said a second American working as an adviser at the Jordanian training facility also died in the shooting. But so far the victim and his employer have not been identified.

Bizarre Crash Kills Security Officer

APPLE VALLEY CA Nov 11 2015 — San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department officials said a 55-year-old security officer was killed in a bizarre accident Tuesday afternoon.

The Hesperia California man was killed after he was struck by a falling sign that had been hit by a vehicle the parking lot of a Bank of America building Tuesday.

Calls reporting a collision involving a vehicle and pedestrian in the 19000 block of Bear Valley Road, near the Jess Ranch area, were received at 3:12 p.m.

An 86-year-old woman in a gray Toyota Camry jumped a curb in the parking lot in front of the bank and struck a parking sign, Apple Valley Sheriff’s Station spokeswoman Trish Hill told the Daily Press.

The impact caused the sign to fall and hit the security officer, Hill said. The security guard worked at the bank and suffered head trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The identity of the man is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. The bank was closed down due to the incident and was not expected to open for the rest of the day, Hill said.

The cause of the crash is under investigation but it was believed to be an accident, Hill said. No other injuries were reported due to the incident.

Widow sues estate of man who fatally shot security officer husband at federal building

Security guard Idrissa Camara, seen holding his 1-year-old daughter, was shot and killed.

New York City NY Oct 30 2015 The widow of a security guard who was shot dead at a SoHo federal building by a deranged gunman has filed suit against the killer’s estate.

Kevin Downing shot himself moments after he killed father of three Idrissa Camara on W. Houston St. in August.

Camara had just started his second shift of the day when he turned to greet Downing at the side entrance of the building and the retired U.S. Army Reserves captain pulled out a gun and fired.

Downing then walked toward the elevators and shot himself in the head.

Investigators said the men had never met, and that Downing, 68, was apparently looking for revenge against the Bureau of Labor Statistics for firing him in 2004.

A suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday by Camara’s widow Ayana Simmons seeks unspecified money and punitive damages from Downing’s estate for “wrongful death and assault and battery” against her 53-year-old husband.

The lawyer for Downing’s estate, Paul Faugno, declined comment.
New York Daily News

Two G4S security officers die in murder-suicide

G4S logo

JOHANNESBURG S.A. Oct 29 2015 – Police are investigating an alleged murder-suicide in the North West in which two cash in transit security guards died in Stilfontein.

It’s understood the G4S guards were arguing over routes on Monday when one shot his colleague and then turned the gun on himself.

In a statement the company said it was working with police to determine the exact circumstances.

The police’s Paul Ramaloko says, “They were driving in a G4 security vehicle in Stilfontein. They had differences [when the] one took out a firearm and shot at the driver.
The driver died instantly; the man [then] turned the gun on himself and he also died on the spot.”

3 Apartment Security Officers Shot to Death


Charlotte NC Oct 21 2015 

Community leaders have identified a man who was fatally shot Monday on the border of the Whittier and Lyndale neighborhoods as Mohamed Haji, of Minneapolis.

Haji, who was believed to be in his early 60s, was a security officer and was shot around 4:45 p.m. near the corner of Pleasant Avenue and Lake Street E.
His death was the city’s fifth homicide in six days and the 40th this year, leaving Minneapolis on pace to log its largest number of homicides in about a decade.

Police said the shooting didn’t appear to be connected another fatal shooting over the weekend, in which officers found a man suffering from gunshot wounds in an alley in the 3700 block of 1st Avenue S. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, was taken to an area hospital, where he died early Monday, police said.

Haji was a security guard at the Horn Towers, where residents remembered him as a quiet, friendly man who took pride in his job securing the building.

Witnesses described the shooting suspect as a young male, clad in a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans, who was seen getting into a black car that fled.

A security office in Detroit Michigan was also reportedly shot at an apartment complex.
Reports say that there was a confrontation several men who refused to leave the property and the
security officer was shot.
A dark colored small vehicle was seen leaving the property.
No arrests have been made.

A third security officer was also shot during the overnight hours in Birmingham Alabama.
Police there have identified the victim as Maurice Dukes 28 of Birmingham.
Police have no suspects and there is some indication that it may have been a robbery gone bad.
The family was at the scene this morning and identified the security officer.
The investigation is on-going.

Birmingham security officer shot to death

October 21 2015
Police are on the scene of a fatal shooting of a security officer at a Birmingham apartment complex.
Officers responded to the Park at Wood Station complex in the 6000 block of First Avenue South at 7:11 a.m. Tuesday to find the security officer shot dead in his vehicle.
The victim was working at the complex, according to Lt. Sean Edwards of the Birmingham Police Department.
“This man was doing an honest thing, honest work,” he said at a news conference.
Edwards said detectives are canvassing the area and asking for the public’s help for information on the shooting.
“They’re cold-hearted,” he said of the shooter. “They have no regard for life. To come here to harm someone that’s on their job, who’s doing an honest living and making an honest pay is just unfortunate. We really need the community to step up and help out on this one.”
The victim wa slater identified as Maurice Dukes, 28 of Birmingham.
Representatives from the security company the victim worked for are also on the scene. 

Security officer slain during robbery

SHREVEPORT, LA  Oct 18 2015 

A security officer was slain during a robbery of a Shreveport liquor store Friday night police have reported.

The liquor store holdup occurred at 8400 block of Linwood which is in Shreveport’s Cedar Grove neighborhood, authorities say.

Police responded to the Thrifty Liquor store in the 8400 block of Linwood Avenue just after 10 p.m., Caddo 911 dispatch records show.

A male wearing all black was in the process of robbing the store when the security tied to intervene and was shot, authorities say.

The wounded security officer was taken to University Health, where he was pronounced dead.

In addition to the security guard, several store employees and customers were in the store at the time of the robbery and shooting. No one else was wounded.

Shreveport police detectives believe only one shot was fired. They are interviewing the employees and customers and plan to review the store’s surveillance video.

Police believe that the man fled in an older model gray Lincoln Town car with a black roof.

The security officer’s name has not been released.

Slain County Security Officer Honored After 47 Years


Los Angeles County CA Oct 17 2015 Los Angeles County Mayor Michael D. Antonovich and the Board of Supervisors presented a new plaque and scroll to the surviving family members of Los Angeles County Security Officer Lee Edward Roach during a Board meeting.

After the presentation, Sheriff’s Department personnel unveiled the new plaque that was placed in a high-traffic area on the second floor of the Hall of Administration, near the sheriff’s check-in desk.

Security Officer Roach was assigned to guard county payroll warrants on the fifth floor of the Hall of Administration building.  While patrolling his beat on Nov. 13, 1968, Security Officer Roach was shot and killed with his own weapon by an assailant identified as a former Los Angeles County janitor.

Officer Roach was 40 years old.  The killer was never brought to justice.

Roach was assigned to the Hall of Administration Building for three years and was considered a top security officer.

This little-known tragedy was brought to light by a retiring Los Angeles County employee who noticed the plaque honoring Officer Roach was missing from its place on a fifth floor wall.


Former Seabrook Nuclear security officer guilty of embezzlement

SEABROOK NH Oct 16 2015 — A former Seabrook Station employee admitted in federal court to embezzling $14,000 from the union he once led, and is due to be sentenced this January.

Gregory Paradis, a onetime security guard at the plant, pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement and theft of union funds on Oct. 2, during his appearance at U.S. District Court in Concord. Paradis was former president of United Federation of Special Police and Security Officers (UFSPSO) Local 501. The union represents local workers at the nuclear power plant and is headquartered in Briarcliff Manor (Westchester County), New York.

Paradis, whose age and home address is not listed in any of the court files, faces a possible jail sentence of five years and a fine of up to $250,000, but is likely to receive a reduce sentenced based on his plea.

According to court documents, after Paradis became the union’s president and senior steward in May 2011, he opened a checking account for the union at TD Bank. Two debit cards were attached to the account. One card was issued to Paradis. The other card was issued to the union’s vice president.

While reviewing the account’s bank statements in mid-December 2012, the union’s vice president learned that approximately $15,000 was missing from the account. When asked by the union’s vice president to explain the deficiency, Paradis falsely claimed that the account had a balance that was substantially higher than the reported amount. He blamed the error on TD Bank and the lawyers who arranged for the union to become part of the UFSPSO.

On Dec. 23, 2012, Paradis resigned as president of the union. A short time later, he stopped working as a security guard at the nuclear power plant.

The Seabrook Police Department became involved in the case in early January, 2013, when the union’s vice president gave bank statements to then-Sgt. Brett Walker. While speaking with Walker, Paradis denied stealing money from the union. To prove his innocence, the defendant allowed Walker to inspect the union’s checkbook and some cancelled checks that were written from the account. After Walker inspected the documents, he showed copies of the bank statements to the defendant and asked him to comment on the large number of cash withdrawals from the account. The defendant declined to look at the statements, stating that it would “make him sick” and that he believed he had stolen between $5,000 and $7,500 from the account.

Later in the year, Walker conducted a follow-up interview with Paradis who told the officer that he injured his ankle playing basketball in May, 2011 and needed money to help cover expenses while out of work. He admitted to taking small amounts of money from the union account with the intent of paying it back. However, he began withdrawing so much money that he lost track of the amount he stole, according to court records.

On Sept. 9, 2014, Paradis was interviewed by Dennis O’Connor, an investigator for the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Management Standards, O’Connor presented him with a chronological list of withdrawals from the account from May, 2011 through Dec. 2012.

At O’Connor’s request, Paradis placed a check mark next to each legitimate withdrawal. Through this procedure, he identified 41 occasions when he used the debit card attached to the account at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores, and other places to purchase items totaling $1,240.65 for his personal benefit; and 88 occasions when he used the debit card to make cash withdrawals totaling $9,690.75 from the account for his personal benefit, according to court records.

Newburyport News

Securitas Security Officer Killed in Oakland Crash

Oakland CA Oct 13 2015 A security contractor with Union Pacific Railroad was killed in a crash near the Port of Oakland on Sunday morning, a Union Pacific spokesman said.
Securitas Security Services employee Harvey Jackson, 67, lost control of his company-issued pickup truck and crashed at 6:29 a.m. as he was patrolling an intermodal yard in the 1400 block of Middle Harbor Road, where cargo from port ships is loaded onto freight trains, Union Pacific spokesman Francisco Castillo said.

The Toyota Tacoma slammed into a row of parked chassis underframes — empty frames used to mount cargo containers for street or rail travel, Castillo said.
Jackson was pronounced dead a short time later.
Union Pacific police and the Oakland police are investigating why Jackson lost control of the truck.
No one else was injured in the accident.