Police capture man wanted for murder of security officer privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for Most Wanted fugitive arrested in shooting death of security guard after fight at Route 66 Event Center

Tulsa OK Feb 17 2017 A man accused of shooting a security guard to death after a fight at the Route 66 Event Center in October has been arrested in Tulsa.

Agents from the U.S. Marshal Service, Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force and Tulsa Police arrested Byron Terrail Penn, 31, after a traffic stop Thursday afternoon, according to a news release from Tulsa Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker.

Penn is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection with the shooting death of 42-year-old Norman Huntley.

Investigators believe Penn shot Huntley, who worked security at the Route 66 Event Center, outside a car wash at 5941 E. 11th St. during a fight Oct. 2.

The chain of events began when a group of people reportedly stole a backpack from inside the event center and took it in a vehicle to the nearby car wash. Police say club patrons and security surrounded the suspects’ car and fought with the driver, recovering the stolen backpack in the process.

During the fight, Penn allegedly fired several shots at Huntley before fleeing across the street to a waiting car, police said. Huntley was taken to St. John Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

The murder charge and a warrant for Penn’s arrest were filed in Tulsa County District Court on Oct. 13, and police named him the city’s Most Wanted fugitive later that month.

State records show Penn has previous convictions for second-degree burglary and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

Tulsa World

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Two found guilty in murder of Lebanon Pa. nightclub security guard privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Richard Kinnard II, left, and Jared Jones

LEBANON, Pa. Feb 15 2017 Two York men have been convicted in a Lebanon bar shooting that killed a bouncer and injured a customer.

Richard Kinnard II and Jared Jones were found guilty Tuesday of first-degree murder and related counts following a trial in Lebanon County Court.

Authorities said Kinnard fired into Vinny’s Good Times bar, in the 700 block of Reinoehl Street, through an exit door after he was thrown out by security in September 2015. They said Jones drove Kinnard from the bar after the shooting.

The bouncer, 31-year-old Corey Bryan, was struck in the abdomen and died at a hospital. A 37-year-old woman was wounded by a bullet that struck her hip.

The 26-year-olds face life terms at sentencing, scheduled for March 22.

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Family files suit against Labor Department for failing to warn security guard of the disgruntled ex-employee who fatally shot him privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Idrissa Camara “was never warned of the threat” — even though he was stationed at the security checkpoint on the ground floor, where his "primary job responsibility was to protect the building," the suit claims.

New York Feb 15 2017 A security guard gunned down by a disgruntled ex-U.S. Department of Labor employee died an “entirely preventable” death — because nobody warned him the former staffer was dangerous, a new $10 million lawsuit alleges.

Onetime Labor Department worker Kevin Downing walked into the federal office building on Varick and Houston streets around 5 p.m. on Aug. 21, 2015, and fatally shot security guard Idrissa Camara, 53, in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Camara’s family claims in a new lawsuit that Downing, 68, “was a well-known danger” who had made such serious threats that the Labor Department and General Services Administration — which runs operations at federal buildings — posted an extra security guard outside the Labor Department’s eighth-floor offices.

But the father of three, who came to the U.S. from the Ivory Coast in 1991, “was never warned of the threat” — even though he was stationed at the security checkpoint on the ground floor, where his “primary job responsibility was to protect the building,” the suit claims.

Neither government agency gave Camara, nor other guards on the ground floor, a photo or description of Downing.

They also didn’t tell his security firm to warn the guards about him, according to court papers.

“Because these agencies recklessly and callously disregarded Mr. Camara’s life and safety, he was unknowing and defenseless when Mr. Downing walked into 201 Varick Street that day with a gun — and he died as a result,” the Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit claims.

“Mr. Camara’s death was entirely preventable, but (Labor Department) and GSA did nothing to prevent it. They are responsible for his death,” the suit says.

Neither reps for the GSA nor U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., responded to requests for comment Tuesday.

The Labor Department did not immediately comment.

“This is a death that could have been avoided and it’s a horrible tragedy for the family,” said the family’s lawyer, Andrew Celli, who described the incident as a systematic failure.

“This is a city that is deeply committed to preventing terrorism,” Celli said. “This was an act of terrorism for which there was a warning — and nothing was done to tell our law enforcement folks to be on guard for this fellow.”

NY Daily News

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Man convicted for fatal robbery of armored-car guard at Lakewood Walmart privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for Odies Walker

Lakewood WA Feb 15 2017 A man who organized the fatal robbery of an armored-car guard at the Lakewood Walmart was convicted Monday for the second time.

Jurors found Odies Walker, 49, guilty of aggravated first-degree murder and other crimes in connection with the 2009 shooting of 38-year-old Kurt Husted. Sentencing is scheduled for March 2.

After his first trial in 2011, Walker was sentenced to life without parole. The Washington State Supreme Court overturned the conviction, citing prosecutorial misconduct.

After the verdict in the second trial, presiding juror John Hellwich, an assistant superintendent with the Peninsula School District, said the volume of evidence had been convincing.

Asked why deliberations spanned several days, he said jurors believed that they needed to go through the evidence thoroughly before making a decision, and that they spent most of the time deciding whether Walker planned the murder.

“We had to know that he didn’t just think it was going to be a robbery,” Hellwich said.

Husted, a motorcycle enthusiast and longtime Loomis armored car guard, was picking up receipts from the Walmart when he was shot in the head. His money bag, which contained cash and checks, was taken by his killer and an accomplice.

Walker’s cousin, Calvin Finley, confessed to pulling the trigger in the store. Walker was the getaway driver, and prosecutors argued he was the mastermind behind the plan.

Some people’s accounts of what happened changed from what they initially told police and what they testified to at trial, Hellwich said, and the jury had to cross-reference their testimony with what he called “harder evidence.”

“There was a lot of it,” Hellwich said, such as the surveillance video of the shooting, which jurors watched multiple times.

The fact that the surveillance video showed no hesitation on the part of the shooter and that Walker was found with the biggest share of the money helped convince them, Hellwich said.

Jurors didn’t know the case had been tried before. Hellwich said they sent a question to the court about whether it was Walker’s second trial, but they didn’t get an answer.

After court, the jurors embraced Husted’s family in the hallway.

“We were getting worried that they were getting hung up,” said his father, 73-year-old Ron Husted.

He used a hearing device to listen to the trial, and said he turned down the volume when the shooting was described.

“I don’t want to remember what happened there,” he said. “I want to remember how he was.”

Husted said he was his son’s support crew during motorcycle races, and that his son was a hard worker and well-liked.

Among those who attended the verdict with the family were investigators, victim advocates and a police chaplain they’d known since the shooting.

“This affected a lot of people,” Husted said.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the state Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Walker’s initial conviction in 2015, due to inflammatory slides the prosecution used in closing arguments during the first trial.

And he said that while the second trial hadn’t been as tough as the first, it had left him worn out.

“It was still dramatic to go through it again,” he said.


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Fundraiser for slain RTD security officer at Union Station privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Pallbearers carry the casket inside for the funeral service for Scott Louis Von Lanken at Resurrection Fellowship Church in Loveland, Febuary 06, 2017. Von Lanken was killed on Jan. 31 outside Union Station while working as a security guard for RTD.

Denver CO Feb 10 2017 On Valentine’s Day, Denver Union Station will host a fundraiser benefiting the family of an RTD security officer who was fatally shot.

The “Day of Love” fundraiser will benefit survivors of Officer Scott Von Lanken, who was killed Jan. 31 at Union Station while working and in uniform.

A former Wisconsin police officer, Von Lanken, 56, was a pastor, husband and father of two.

On Tuesday, several Denver Union Station restaurants and retail outlets, along with other neighborhood establishments, will donate 10 percent of all proceeds to Von Lanken’s family.

The fundraiser was conceived by Dan Skvarca, operations manager and proprietor of Mercantile Dining & Provisions, a Union Station business.

“Scott was a valued member of our community, and he will be greatly missed,” Skvarca said. “We wanted to create a way for the community to join together to celebrate his life and do something helpful for his family in the wake of this senseless tragedy.”

Participating merchants include Mercantile, the Cooper Lounge, Terminal Bar, Pigtrain Coffee Co., Milkbox Ice Creamery, Snooze – an A.M. Eatery, Tattered Cover, Next Door Union Station, Stoic & Genuine, Hopdoddy Burger Bar and Protein Bar, according to a news release. Denver’s Alpine Bank and IMA Financial Group have pledged to match all monies raised next Tuesday, up to $3,000.

RTD Transit Police and Allied Universal, Officer Von Lanken’s employer, have set up a memorial fund to help support his family through the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union. To make a donation directly, please contact the credit union at rmlefcu.org or 303-458-6660.

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Off-Duty LAX Traffic Officer Shot, Killed in South L.A privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Los Angeles CA Feb 5 2017 A Los Angeles International Airport traffic officer was fatally shot while off duty Wednesday night in South L.A., officials said.

The shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. around W 76th and Main streets in the Florence area of L.A., according to Los Angeles Police Officer Sal Ramirez.

The victim was standing near the road when a gunman opened fire from the middle of the street.

The victim was shot in the head, torso and groin, Ramirez said. He was transported to California Hospital, but there he succumbed to his injuries and died, authorities said.

Police have not identified the 40-year-old victim.

The shooter fled the scene, according to Ramirez, who did not have a description of the gunman.

It was not immediately clear whether the incident was gang related, he said.

Suspect arrested in Houston security officer murder privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Clint Walker, 24, is charged with capital murder in the slaying of 59-year-old Enrique Garcia about 8:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at 538 Dale Street. (HCSO)

Harris County TX Feb 4 2017 Deputies have arrested one of three suspects in the shooting death of a security guard late last year in north Harris County.

Clint Walker, 23, is charged with capital murder in the slaying of 59-year-old Enrique Garcia about 8:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at 538 Dale St., according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Walker was arrested without incident Tuesday. Two other suspects remain on the run.

Deputies said a surveillance camera recorded the men’s images as they drove into the parking lot in a white minivan, jumped out of the van and dashed to the game room. They were armed with guns and tried to get inside the business.

The suspects left empty-handed after the gunfire, speeding away in the minivan. The driver crashed into a pole as they left, ripping the side door off the van.

Investigators later determined Walker was a suspect in the case. No information was released about what led investigators to Walker.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office homicide unit at 713-274-9100 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the remaining suspects or charges being filed against them.

All tipsters remain anonymous.

Houston Chronicle

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Denver transit security officer ambushed-shot to death privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

DENVER CO Feb 2 2017 A contract armed security officer on duty for the Denver Regional Transit system was ambushed and shot to death late last night.
The RTD transit security officer was on patrol near Union Station and giving several woman directions when a man, completely unprovoked, walked up to the officer and shot him point blank in the head and neck.

Police say that he was employed by Allied Universal. Denver Police have identified him as Scott Van Laken 56 years old, and had a family.

A short time later, police were able to find the suspect near 15th and Wynkoop streets. He was hiding on a patio near 14th and Wazee streets and had a handgun, according to Denver Police.

The suspect has been identified as 36-year-old Joshua Cummings.
Denver Police Chief Robert White says local authorities have never had any contact with him before and that his only criminal history was a misdemeanor charge in another state.

“We’re not 100 percent sure what motivated this particular individual to shoot the victim,” White said.

White says investigators are trying to determine if the security officer was shot because of his dark blue uniform, which resembles the one worn by DPD.

The shooting was reported at around 11 p.m. Police say the victim had been talking to two women who were asking for information about light rail lines.
They told police that a man with “a swollen face” and “weird/different looking eyes” approached the security officer from behind, and pointed a gun at his head.

Police say the women heard the suspect say something to the effect of “do as you are told” before firing.

Barb Archer, the commander of the Denver Police Department’s Major Crimes Division, called the attack “completely unprovoked.”

The security officer died on the way to the hospital. He was one of 250 contract security officers employed by RTD.

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San Antonio police reopens 1994 cold case of slain security guard privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for walmart shooting

SAN ANTONIO TX Jan 22 2017 – It has been 23 years since burglars shot and killed James Fogle, an on-duty security guard at a South Side Walmart. The people responsible have never been caught.

San Antonio police have reopened the case in hopes of finding Fogle’s killer.

The first steps to warming up a cold case: taking a fresh look at old evidence.

The evening of Jan. 20, 1994, started like any other for Fogle.

The 30-year-old was sitting in his car outside the store in the 900 block of South East Military Drive, writing his nightly activity log. The last entry was around 1 a.m.

Police believe that things took a dramatic turn.

“There was an alarm going off, so we believe that caught his attention,” said SAPD Detective Michael DeLeon. “He exited his car to go investigate what was happening at the front of the store. As he was walking away from his vehicle, this is when he was, we believe, confronted by these would-be burglars. Mr. Fogle made a run for the front door and was shot in the back multiple times, killing him instantly.”

Police know of only one witness: a security guard who was working at the Taco Cabana across the street. He heard the shots and called police.

‘We don’t have anything on video to help us’

While many Walmart’s are now open 24 hours, that wasn’t the case in 1994. The store closed overnight, allowing employees to restock shelves and clean up.

Unlike most businesses today, stores didn’t have surveillance cameras near doors or posted in parking lots.

“We obviously don’t have anything on video to help us. All we can depend on is what employees are telling us happened that night,” DeLeon said.

A trip back to the scene is another challenge. The Walmart has been replaced by several other businesses.

“The building is still there. It’s not a Walmart, but the layout is still the same,” DeLeon said.

Of the many things that homicide detectives learn on the job, DeLeon said one thing is not to believe in coincidence.

“We don’t think the alarm going off and Mr. Fogle getting shot at the same time was a coincidence,” DeLeon said.

He believes there was plenty of planning behind the break-in.

“We think there may have been other people involved that were on the inside that may have assisted the people on the outside,” DeLeon said.

That includes the possibility that more than just the one or two people who shot Fogle were involved with the crime — a secret that they’ve kept for more than two decades.

“If there’s multiple people involved, a lot of times they’re very tight-lipped and they won’t share it with anyone,” DeLeon said.

Aside from the security guard who called for help, police spoke to store employees in 1994. Some of them were in a break room inside the Walmart when Fogle was murdered.

“There are other people who were working that night who were not interviewed, so we are the point now where we can go back and look at the employees, look at the timesheets that we have and bring in some of those employees that were there that night that were not interviewed and see if they can shed some new light on this,’ DeLeon said.

Police received tips right after the crime, but none have led to any arrests.

Fogle was single, but DeLeon said he came from a loving family who cared about him.

“His mom was very, very interested in the case,” DeLeon said. “Detective Evans — who was the original handling detective — came close to the Fogle family and kept them up to date as the case progressed.”

But as each anniversary of the crime is marked without an arrest, DeLeon said he hopes to give the family a little bit of peace.

“I think after 22 years, somebody’s conscience may be weighing heavy on them where they may feel that they can call in and not necessarily leave a name, but give us some new information on the case,” DeLeon said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-STOP.


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Shawnee casino security guard shooter dies privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for shawnee casino shooting

SHAWNEE OK Jan 17 2017 — A casino security guard who shot and killed a fellow security officer and then turned the gun on himself has died.

Authorities said Justin Wells, 28, went into the resort at 777 Grand Casino Blvd. just before 7 a.m. Jan. 10 and shot and killed Matt Palmer, 22, before shooting himself. Wells was hospitalized and died Wednesday, according to an online obituary.

Wells had not been arrested, said Terry Weber, spokesman for the FBI, which is handling the case because the casino is on Indian trust land.

Jennifer Bell, spokeswoman for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, which owns and operates the large resort, confirmed that Palmer and Wells were security guards at the casino.

Palmer was hired in August, according to the tribe, and Wells had been employed since 2012.

Palmer, a resident of Macomb, graduated from Asher High School in 2012, where he was an all-state basketball player, according to an online obituary.

Bell said security officers at the casino do not carry guns. She declined to comment on any details of the shooting, including how Wells was able to carry a weapon into the building, which prohibits firearms.

The shooting took place on the second floor in the administrative offices, Bell said.


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Casino Security Officer Kills Co-Worker-Attempts Suicide privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

SHAWNEE, Okla. Jan 12 2017

Authorities have released the names of two security officers who were shot Tuesday morning at the Grand Casino in Shawnee.

Authorities first responded around 7 a.m. to a report of an “officer down” at the casino. When they arrived, they learned that two casino employees had been shot, according to the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s office.

The shooting was reportedly between the two employees in the casino’s administrative area. The two people have been identified as Justin Wells, 28, and Matt Palmer, 22. They are security guards at the casino.

Police believe Wells shot Palmer before turning the gun on himself. Palmer was killed, according to Citizen Potawatomi Nation Police Chief James C. Collard, Phd. Wells was taken to an area hospital in an critical condition.

The incident is not an active-shooter scene, and no other employees or casino patrons are or were at risk, Collard said.

Collard said that this is an ongoing investigation.

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Man acquitted of murder of South Miami-Dade security guard privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Nathaniel Payne-Collins, 22, left, was acquitted at trial on allegations he murdered security guard Robert Nelson in South Miami-Dade in August 2013. At right is his defense attorney, Ayuban Tomas.

Miami FL Jan 11 2017 A Miami man is not guilty of murdering a security guard but did steal the slain man’s pistol, a jury decided on Monday.

Jurors acquitted Nathaniel Payne-Collins, 22, in the killing of security guard Robert Nelson, who was shot to death ambush-style while patrolling a South Miami-Dade apartment complex in August 2013. He was convicted of grand theft for stealing Nelson’s weapon.

The 12-person jury rejected testimony from a co-defendant who testified that Payne-Collins was one of the triggermen. Miami-Dade prosecutors said Payne-Collins also confessed to another pal the day after the shooting.

The split verdict — jurors clearly believed Payne-Collins was at the crime scene — shocked Nelson’s relatives and investigators on the case.

“I am so angry and so disappointed,” Miami-Dade homicide Detective Rich Raphael said. “My heart aches for the victim’s family.”

Nelson, a former flight attendant, was a uniformed 50 State security guard who was patrolling the Hidden Grove apartment complex in his company car. The gunmen opened fire, causing him to crash into a nearby daycare — then, the attackers pulled him out of the car and stole his belongings and gun.

As he awaits sentencing for the gun theft, Payne-Collins won’t be getting out jail because he is facing a robbery charge in an unrelated case.

Two other men are awaiting trial, including another alleged gunman, Quentin Vicks, 21. Defendant Gregory Lewis has already pleaded guilty, and is serving a 10-year sentence.


CT school security officer dies suddenly at work privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews


A beloved Connecticut high school security officer died suddenly today after reporting to work at the Manchester high School where he has worked for eighteen years.

Barry “Mitch” Mitchell died of an apparent heart attack according shortly after arriving at school according to officials.

Students, some viably upset, were allowed to leave school early.

Mitchell, well known and well liked, knew generations of students and parents and was always willing to listen or lend a hand in any situation.

“Over his career,” School Superintendent Matt Geary said, “he interacted with literally thousands of students and often had to tell them things that they didn’t want to hear – to get back in line in the cafeteria, or to hurry to class, or to show him a hall pass.

“That sort of role doesn’t always make you popular, but students universally liked and respected Mitch because he treated everyone with patience and dignity.”

Mitchell, 53, arrived at the school at about 6:45 a.m. and collapsed outside, said police Sgt. James Bairos, supervisor of school resource officers. Paramedics took him to Manchester Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Mitchell was the father of two young children who attended local schools, district communications director Jim Farrell said.

Mayor Jay Moran said he and his three children, who all graduated from Manchester High School, knew Mitchell well.

“He was more than a security guard,” Moran said. “He was a cheerleader. He was a surrogate parent. He was a disciplinarian when he needed to be.”

Police Officer Bernie Hallums said Mitchell was a big, powerfully built man, a “larger than life guy with a heart of gold.”

Geary described Mitchell as “an overall great guy who would do anything for anyone at any time.

“We are grateful for all Mitch did to impact the lives of so many students and staff,” the superintendent said, “and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.”

Many security officer murders go unsolved privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Charlotte NC Jan 1 2017
Rick McCann

CEO Private Officer International

As reported on December 21, 2016, traumatic deaths of security officers are on a steady rise and after in-depth research, Private Officer International determined that 84.7 percent were from traumatic injuries, namely gunshot wounds, stabbings and blunt force object assaults.

This, in itself is quite the opposite of the 140 plus law enforcement deaths which occur each year.

According to SafeHome.org which recently did a ten year study of their own, they found that police officers died 31 % of the time from gunfire, 6.8 % of the time from vehicle assaults, 23 % of the time from vehicle accidents, and the remainder of deaths occurred during illness, training accidents and assaults.

Our research was also able to determine that the majority of private officers killed on the job die alone without back-up and are not found immediately. In fact, the majority were only found after another employee, be it a fellow security officer or an employee from the business, came into work.

This week, our team looked at the number of security officer homicides that have occurred during the past twenty four months and checked the ratio of murders that were Solved VS. Open cases.

As it stands right now, 74 security officer murders remain open while police have closed less than fifty percent of the homicides during the past two years.

There are many factors and reasons why the numbers of cases are low but none of them include the lack of efforts by law enforcement or the fact that the victim worked as a security officer. Homicide cases are worked relentlessly and equally regardless of any other factor.

Security officer deaths can be hard to solve because of the location of the business and the fact that it may have been closed, the time of day when the murder occurred, which can lead to fewer people in the area. Other reasons also include secluded worksites and a lack of surveillance cameras on the property or nearby. All of which leads to sparse evidence, few to no witnesses, little details to the facts or sequences of the incident and in many cases, a cold trail where the crime has occurred many hours before it was reported.

Private security agencies should consider known threats and dangers, location of the assignment including the hours, seclusion of the property and the lack of direct communication with back up personnel when assigning staff.

Additionally, body worn cameras for security personnel in the United Kingdom and other countries are becoming increasingly popular to document both the actions of the security officer as well as threats and actions of others.

They also document patrol activity and can be used for liability and insurance purposes.

Providing rewards and working with area crime stoppers are some of the other ways that we can assist local law enforcement in the capture of the homicide suspect.

Additionally, local security employers and users should come together to assist and support law enforcement, prosecution and the legal process from the time of the homicide until the time of conviction.

Private Officer International does offer reward money for information in security officer deaths and we have worked directly with law enforcement and the court system in the arrest and prosecution of suspects but we need everyone to be invested in seeking justice for those who kill our friends, co-workers and colleagues.

Slain Security Officer’s 5-Year-Old Son Sworn In As Honorary Harvey Cop privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Image result for Slain Security Guard’s 5-Year-Old Son Sworn In As Honorary Harvey Cop

CHICAGO IL Dec 29 2016  A month after his father was shot and killed while working as a security guard at a south suburban railyard, 5-year-old Tyrone Hardin Jr. joined Harvey police as an honorary officer.

Tyrone was sworn in as an honorary officer at the Harvey police station on Wednesday.

“Officer Hardin will be placed in the patrol division, and go on active duty,” Harvey Police Chief Denard Eaves said.

Tyrone was a little at a loss for words when they pulled a chair up to the podium so he could see over it, but his mother, Gwinette, said that wasn’t the case Tuesday night after finding out he was being made an officer.

“He’s been telling his siblings that if they do anything to him, he will lock them up,” she said.

Gwinette said Tyrone was so excited he couldn’t sleep Tuesday night.

“He’s already expressed that he can’t be put on punishment when he’s on duty,” she said.

Eaves said police planned to have Tyrone help them with a traffic stop while on patrol.

“There’s one area in particular where, hopefully, we can get somebody speeding,” he said.

Tyrone’s father, a security guard who worked at the Canadian National Railroad yard in Harvey, was shot and killed last month while on the job.

“We are missing a vital person, but everybody kind of helped ease it a little bit,” Gwinette said.

Tyrone Hardin Sr., 38, was working security at the railyard on Nov. 26, when a man who had allegedly stolen a woman’s car crashed near 159th and Park in Harvey and ran into the railyard to get away. The suspect allegedly shot Hardin in the abdomen before stealing Hardin’s truck.

The suspect, 24-year-old Rashad Williams, was arrested on Dec. 4, three days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Williams is being held without bail at Cook County Jail, charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and vehicular hijacking.

POI Member, FL Security Officer Dies of Heart Attack at Work privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

St. Petersburg FL  Dec 21 2016 We sadly report today that one of our association members and award recipients has passed away while on the job.

Major Torrence Benjamin with South Florida Impact Investigations died of a heart attack Monday afternoon while working Security at John Hopkins All Childrens Hospital in St Petersburg Florida. He was 28 years old.

Major Benjamin along with the owner of South Florida Impact Investigations, Greg Jarmon had been recognized last year for bravery after they were involved in fatal shooting of an armed robbery suspect.

Jarmon stated that Benjamin suddenly had a heart attack while on duty and passed away.

He was a dedicated professional who put his life on the line numerous times while protecting others and he will be missed by many.

Hinesville Georgia nightclub security officer gunned down privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

(Source: Coastal News Service)


HINESVILLE, GA Dec 12 2016

Police in Hinesville have charged a man with murder and aggravated murder following Saturday’s fatal shooting outside Cream Sports Bar on West Oglethorpe Highway.

Police say Marcus Gunn shot and killed a security guard working at an area nightclub.
Eric Turner was working as a bouncer at the time of the incident.

Hinesville Police Detective, Joshua Heath said in an interview Saturday morning that patrons were leaving Cream Sports Bar located on the 700 block of West Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville shortly after 2:30 am.

The club’s security was in the process of clearing the parking lots when several of them came upon two groups of men engaged in an verbal argument in the parking lot.

The club’s security staff attempted to break up the argument, three men sitting inside a vehicle began to give the bouncers a hard time.

One of the passengers pulled out a handgun, which was quickly knocked out of his hands by one of the security guards but another passenger immediately pulled out a handgun and allegedly fired three shots at Eric Turner.

According to Heath, one round hit his face whileanother round went through a window of room 147 on the first floor of the Ecolodge hotel located near the parking lot where the altercation took place. The bullet was later found in the headboard of the bed where a man was sleeping. He was later moved to another room. The third round was never located.

The suspect, Marcus Gunn, was later arrested following a traffic stop on Harrison Drive. Officers recovered a weapon during that traffic stop.

“At this point the other two individuals that were in the vehicle have been questioned, however there are no charges against them at this time, however, the investigation continues against all three,” said Heath.

Violent Week-End For Private Security privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

Charlotte NC Nov 30 2016

By: Rick McCann
Private Officer International
The Thanksgiving week-end officially not only kicks off the annual Christmas holiday shopping season but also the time of year that is the most deadliest for private security officers.
This Thanksgiving-Black Friday shopping week-end was no different and indeed was one of the most violent ones that we’ve recorded in the past thirteen years.

At least three security officers were killed, numerous others injured and more than 35 incidents involving firearms were recorded.

Security officers in New York, Virginia and Illinois were all shot to death over the week-end.
All three suspects are still at large and have not been captured.
A railroad security officer outside of Chicago was shot and killed by a carjacker running from police. When the suspect spotted the uniformed security officer-he opened fire killing the security officer and then fled.
A New York security officer trying to resolve a confrontation at a nightclub was shot to death.
Police have no leads and are still investigating.
Another incident involving a confrontation at a restaurant-bar also left a Virginia security officer dead.
Police in York County have identified the suspect in this murder but he is still at large.

Security officers in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, California, Florida and Tennessee were all involved in the use of deadly force where the security officers were forced to shoot because of threats.

Other incidents included:
Officers responded to the Brenden Theatres at 1985 Willow Pass Road in Concord Ca. about 6:50 p.m. on reports of gunshots and one person shot, police said. One person was arrested.

Concord police later discovered the shooter was a security guard, and the incident began with a disturbance inside the theater building. They said a man threatened the security guard, saying he had a gun and would shoot him.

The suspect who was shot was transported to a hospital. Police said his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. No gun was found on the suspect.
Police responded to a Walmart in Olathe KS. After a man threatened loss prevention.
The suspect was shot and killed by Olathe Police following a scuffle on Sunday night.
Police were initially called to the store in the 300 block of North K7 Highway at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday a report of an armed person.
When officers arrived they said the suspect refused to put down a blunt object.
A scuffle ensued and one of the officers was stuck by the suspect.
Police said officers opened fire. The suspect was shot and killed at the scene.

A Houston security officer patrolling an apartment complex spotted a man carrying a firearm and when he confronted him the man turned and pointed the gun at him. The security officer shot him and the man is in critical condition.

Security officers in south Florida and Indianapolis both shot a man during physical altercations. In the Indianapolis incident police are investigating the security officer’s use of force because the man involved in the fight was running away at the time of the shooting.

A  Los Angeles security officer was shot during the robbery of a marijuana dispensary in South Los Angeles, police said.

The shooting was reported around 8 p.m on Imperial Highway and South Broadway, said Sgt. F. Macias of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southeast Division.

At least two armed robbers were involved but there may have been more, Macias said.

The security officer was shot multiple times and was taken to a hospital, Macias said.
Police in Seattle report that a security officer patrolling an office building was attacked by a man armed with a knife. The female security officer tried to run but the suspect caught her and put the knife to her throat. She bit and kicked the suspect and he fled.
Also in King County Washington, a Safeway security agent was stabbed while trying to detain a shoplifter.
Another loss prevention agent in Massachusetts was also stabbed during a shoplifting incident. Boston police report that an arrest was made.

An attempted armored car robbery in Louisville KY ended in a struggle between a security officer and the robber. Police arrested Roysten Beaudoin, 35, on Friday at the Rite Aid Pharmacy, located at 4000 Taylorsville Road, near Hikes Lane and Browns Lane after he approached an armored car and tried to rob it.

Waco Police are looking for suspects involved in the assault of an off-duty deputy who was working security at Junction 84 night club.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said it happened around 1:45 a.m. early Saturday morning.

An off-duty Limestone County Deputy was working security for the club when he tried to break up a fight, Swanton said.

As the deputy was taking the suspect into custody, two other men attacked the deputy from behind causing him to fall down a set of stairs.

Swanton said the deputy’s wrist and ankle were broken during the assault. He was taken to Baylor Scott & White to be treated.

All three of the suspects fled the scene on foot, and they were not located due the large crowd.

In Tulsa Oklahoma, a mall security officer was critically injured by fleeing shoplifters.
Police say that the three suspects pinned the security officer with their car at Woodland Hills Mall Saturday evening.Tulsa police said that they responded to the mall at around 7 p.m. after three females were shoplifting from the Abercrombie & Fitch store inside the mall.
Mall security witnessed the crime, and security officers followed the girls to their car.
The suspects refused to follow security commands to stop, and got into a car and the driver put the car in reverse and intentionally struck the security officer, pinning him between her car and another car.
The security officer was bent over on the hood of the car when the driver drove off with him still on the hood of her car, and then the driver hit her brakes which flung the security officer from the car.Police and emergency medical services responded to the area and found the security officer with possible life threatening injuries and a broken foot and hand.

Police in Decatur Alabama report that security officers used pepper spray at an event center to break up a large fight and gunfire erupted. At least two people there were shot.
Police made an arrest Sunday.

The Private Officer newsroom also received unconfirmed reports of security officers being shot in Detroit Michigan and Knoxville Tennessee. We are working to confirm these incidents.

Police across the country also reported these violent week-end incidents:

Palmview, TX: 1 Killed in HEB shooting

San Antonio, TX: 1 dead in shooting at Walmart

Coral Springs, FL: Jeweler kills employee, then himself in Coral Square Mall

Olathe, KS: 1 dead in officer involved shooting at Olathe Walmart

Hamilton, NJ: Black Friday kicks off with deadly shooting outside Macy’s

Reno, NV: One killed following a parking space dispute at Walmart

Carmichael, CA: Man with knife dies after stabbing self at convenience store

Memphis, TN: One injured, one charged, after shots were fired outside Wolfchase Galleria

Two injured in Gang related shooting outside Sears Auto Center at Hamilton Place Mall

Chicago Railroad Security Officer Gunned Down privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews


CHICAGO IL NOV 27 2016 A manhunt was underway late Saturday in suburban Harvey after a security officer at the Canadian National Railway was fatally shot, officials said.

Sean Howard, spokesman for Harvey, said the incident began about 6:30 p.m. Saturday with a call to police from a woman who reported her vehicle was stolen in Harvey. Driving a neighbor’s car, the woman was following the man who had taken her car.

Howard said the woman did not know the man who took her car, and it appears to be a random incident.

As police, with their emergency lights on, began following the stolen car, the driver crashed in the area of 159th Street and Park Avenue in Harvey.

At that point, the man got out of the stolen car and began running on top of a viaduct, which leads to an area belonging to the Canadian National Railway.

The man came into contact with a security officer and shot him several times in the abdomen, Howard said. The security guard was taken to Advocate South Suburban Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Patrick Waldron, spokesman for the Canadian National Railway, said the officer worked at the facility as a third-party contract security officer and was not directly employed by the railway.

After allegedly shooting the security officer, the man got on a railroad vehicle that was attached to tracks and headed south, Howard said. Around 171st Street, he got out of that vehicle and continued to run away from officials.

As of 10 p.m., Howard said the man was still on the run. He was described as a black man, medium build who was wearing blue jeans and a black sweatshirt.

Multiple police agencies are also searching nearby communities such as Markham and East Hazel Crest.

Howard said officers do not believe anyone else is working with the man wanted by police. The wanted man is considered to be armed and dangerous.

NOTE: This is the third security officer killed this week-end thus far.

Vigil honors security officer killed outside York County restaurant privateofficer.com #PrivateOfficerNews

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YORK COUNTY, Va. Nov 27 2016 Strangers joined family and close friends of a beloved bouncer Friday night to honor the 42-year-old man killed early Thanksgiving morning.

Deputies say Richard “Bird” Irvin was shot and killed by Coleston Ryan Lewis, a man he was trying to escort away from a tent event at the County Grill on Route 17.

Lewis, 26, is wanted on charges of murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

The candlelit vigil was held Friday in the parking lot where Irvin lost his life.

“There’s no reason this had to happen,” said Bear, a close friend. “He’s the kind of guy you could be stuck in a ditch at 3 a.m. and he would be there.”

Investigators say Irvin worked as a security guard for a private company the County Grill hired for a Thanksgiving Eve party.

Theo Packer says he trained Irvin on security tactics more than 20 years ago. Packer says Irvin loved his job.

“It’s just the premise of us securing people, helping people, making sure they are okay at all times,” said Packer.

Friends say they are holding each other close and trying their best to find peace in the wake of unexpected sadness.

“Pain will be there for some time, but with time, all things heal,” said Packer. “I just hope he’s in a place that gives him the same peace that we are looking to get right now.”