Off duty Birmingham security officer murdered #PrivateOfficerNews

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Birmingham AL Sept 17 2016 An elderly man found slain on the back deck of his Birmingham home was a deacon in his church and the well-known, much-loved security at Niki’s West.

The body of Odell Jackson Jr., 80, was discovered at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday at his home in the 1500 block of 34th Street in Ensley. Initially, foul play was not suspected in his death but further investigation revealed otherwise, said Jefferson County Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates.

Authorities have not yet said how Jackson was killed, nor have they announced an arrest in the case.

“Right now there’s a lot of speculation,” said Felicia McKinzy, one of Jackson’s 11 children. “The only thing we’re certain of is he did have an altercation with somebody.”

Odell Jackson Jr. was found dead on the back deck of his Ensley home on Wednesday. Two other men were shot to death this morning in unrelated incidents.

Jackson has lived alone in his Ensley home since his wife passed away on April 10. They had been married for 30 years. “It hasn’t been a good year,” McKinzy said.

McKinzy said she last saw her father on Sunday when she stopped by Lily Baptist Church, where he served as a deacon. “It hadn’t been long since we’d finally gotten everything settled with my mom’s death and we had just gotten her headstone in place,” she said.

On Sunday, they were making plans to go see that new headstone but he died without doing so. “And that’s kind of hurtful and very disappointing,” McKinzy said. “All of this really took me by surprise.”

Jackson retired in 1991 after spending 35 years as a steel worker. After retirement, he began working as a security and had worked at Niki’s West on Finley Avenue for at least six years, his daughter said. “He was a big talker,” she said with a laugh. “He didn’t meet any strangers. I just can’t say it enough that he didn’t meet any strangers.”

When Jackson wasn’t at church or at work, he loved to work in his yard. In fact, McKinzy said, when she first got the call at work that her father was dead, she assumed he had perhaps suffered a medical condition. “He had been working in the yard before he was going to get ready for work, so we initially thought he got overheated,” she said.

The family was stunned when they learned it was homicide. “I never would have thought anybody would have done him any harm,” she said. “The only thing I could think of was he wasn’t the type of person who would provoke anybody. He and my mom were together for 20 years and I never saw him get angry. That would have been totally out of his character.”

“And to just leave him there like that,” she said, “That was the most hurtful part of all.”

She also wants whoever did this to come forward. “If they would just turn themselves in,” she said, “it would really help us to know why.”

McKinzy said she wants people to remember her father as the happy-go-lucky person that he was, and that he was extremely loving and caring. “He was awesome. He was just awesome,” she said. “He always had a smile on his face.”

Two off-duty security officers killed #PrivateOfficerNews

Sept 16 2016

OAKLAND CA— City officials say that a City Hall security officer was Oakland’s latest homicide victim, after a shooting early Wednesday in the Fruitvale District.

Tony Smith, 66, of Oakland, was shot about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 1200 block of 35th Avenue , according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a memo sent to city staff Thursday, City Administrator Sabrina Landreth said it was with “great sadness that I share the news” that Smith was killed.

“Tony was a great asset to our security team and city family. He was instrumental in ensuring the safety of our staff and visitors to the Civic Center Complex and the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

“Tony will be missed by all who knew him, he was always helpful, courteous and respectful,” Landreth said.

Investigators are trying to determine why Smith was in the Fruitvale area and believe that the motive for the shooting may be robbery.

Funeral services are pending.

The killing was the 50th homicide investigated by Oakland police this year.  Last year at this time police had investigated 67 homicides.

Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the killer.  Anyone with information may call police at 510-238-3821 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.  A local woman who worked as a security officer and was reported missing by her family was later discovered to have died in a car crash a day earlier.
74-year-old Barbara Williams was killed in a car accident on Labor Day while driving to her job as a security officer at General motors in Detroit.
Detroit police released a missing person’s report Saturday after Barbara’s family says she didn’t show up for her job as a security guard at the General Motors tech center.

“We heard a lot of conflicting reports first of all,” Griffin said. “We heard that she could’ve possibly have been in some danger.”

Griffin says Williams had her driver’s license and other identification at the time of the accident but police took almost a week to notify her family of the accident.

“We are very disheartened that it took this long to come to that revelation,” she said.

Oakland security officer killed in possible robbery #PrivateOficerNews

A red SUV possible the suspects vehicle and Oakland Police vehicles are seen along the median of 73rd Avenue between International Boulevard and Bancroft Avenue as a police investigation continues into an Oakland police officer being shot at multiple times. The female officer was not hit by gunfire but was transported to Highland Hospital with unknown injuries.

OAKLAND CA Sept 16 2016— City officials say that a City Hall security officer was Oakland’s latest homicide victim, after a shooting early Wednesday in the Fruitvale District.

Tony Smith, 66, of Oakland, was shot about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 1200 block of 35th Avenue , according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a memo sent to city staff Thursday, City Administrator Sabrina Landreth said it was with “great sadness that I share the news” that Smith was killed.

“Tony was a great asset to our security team and city family. He was instrumental in ensuring the safety of our staff and visitors to the Civic Center Complex and the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

“Tony will be missed by all who knew him, he was always helpful, courteous and respectful,” Landreth said.

Investigators are trying to determine why Smith was in the Fruitvale area and believe that the motive for the shooting may be robbery.

Funeral services are pending.

The killing was the 50th homicide investigated by Oakland police this year.  Last year at this time police had investigated 67 homicides.

Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the killer.  Anyone with information may call police at 510-238-3821 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.

Michigan security officer killed driving to work #PrivateOfficerNews

thurs3SOUTHFIELD, Mich. Sept 15 2016  A local woman reported missing by her family was later discovered to have died in a car crash a day earlier. So why did it take so long for her loved ones to get word?

Leslie Griffin says she lives less than three miles from 10 Mile and Lahser, where her beloved Aunt, 74-year-old Barbara Williams, was killed in a car accident on Labor Day. Family members were not notified by Southfield police until Monday this week.

“This is totally unacceptable that we had to wait this long, and that we had to file a missing persons report — she was not missing,” Griffin said.

Detroit police released a missing persons report Saturday after Barbara’s family says she didn’t show up for her job as a security guard at the General Motors tech center.

“We heard a lot of conflicting reports first of all,” Griffin said. “We heard that she could’ve possibly have been in some danger.”

Griffin says Williams had her driver’s license and other identification at the time of the accident.

“We are very disheartened that it took this long to come to that revelation,” she said.

Southfield police tell FOX 2 that Williams was transported to Southfield Providence Hospital by the fire department and later pronounced dead.

A couple police officers visited the hospital to follow up soon after the accident and say they were told by members of the hospital that hospital workers would notify the family.

Officials at Providence say they are still determining who is at fault, saying in a statement, “Our deepest sympathies go out to the family. While we can’t discuss specifics of this matter due to patient confidentiality, we are investigating.”

Williams’ niece says the miscommunication has caused her family even more grief.

“We’ve just come to the place where we’re starting to know what has happened, so that gives us a little peace in this situation, but for the last 8 or 9 days, we’ve been totally at an unrest,” Griffin said.

The family is in the process of hiring an attorney, and hopes that their ordeal doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“We don’t know who is responsible right now, so we don’t want to speculate, but we just want people who are in authority to be more mindful of family members,” Griffin said.

Washington DC Special Police Officer Shot To Death #PrivateOfficerNews

Washington DC Sept 9 2016

A Washington DC Special Police Officer was shot and killed in a double shooting in Southeast DC. Thursday night.
The “on-duty” officer was driving to an assignment location when he was involved in an incident but police have not disclosed what type of an incident.

According to police, 29-year-old Evan Williams of Upper Marlboro was driving back to a job site when he was shot in the 4000 block of 3rd Street SE.

Williams drove himself to a nearby fire station. He was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Officers found another man who was shot during the same incident at an area hospital. He is expected to okay.

Police are not releasing any other details of the shooting as they continue their investigation.

No arrests have been made at this time.

MS security officer’s family searches for answers in hit and run death #PrivateOfficerNews

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JACKSON, Miss Sept 7 2016– A woman dies in a hit and run, and one year later, her family is looking for answers.

A University of Mississippi Medical Center security guard was hit last August on Woodrow Wilson Avenue, as she made her way to work.

Her relatives are still trying to find the person responsible.

That family is working together to collect money for a reward.

They are hoping that move will serve as incentive for witnesses to speak up.

“The past year has been hard. It has really been hard for us to get from day to day, trying to get along and move on without her,” said Robetta Lewis, the victim’s sister.

Family and friends of Mattie Amos say the past year has been one without closure, understanding, or peace.

The thought that the person who took her life is still free, haunts them every day.

“Someone just ran her over and left her in the street. How cold is that?” said Lewis. “She was so dear to us. We love her so much. Nobody realizes what happened to us.”

The UMMC security guard died August 2015, when she was hit on Woodrow Wilson, while crossing the busy street for work.

At the time, investigators told us they were looking for a Maroon F-350 truck.

The model is a 2007 to 2012 and it was missing a passenger side mirror; the grill was missing as well.

“To just run someone over and just leave, who does that? That’s not fair and we don’t want anyone else to die like that. After she died like this, there have been plenty of other cases like this,” said Kimberly Davis, the victim’s daughter.

The family is offering a reward for information that can lead to an arrest.

That money now sits at more than $1,000 and is growing.

“We’re asking the public to come forward. Please if you know of anything that might help us bring this person to justice,” said Lewis.

“We are like shattered glass. When you break a piece of glass on the floor, the pieces are everywhere. My heart is broken. It’s a battle every day, Monday through Friday, just trying to get up for work,” said Davis.

Jackson Police have worked several leads, but none of them panned out.

If you know anything that could be useful, you are asked to give them a call at (601) 960 – 1234.


Gunman pleads guilty to murder of TSA security officer #PrivateOfficerNews

Los Angeles CA Sept 3 2016 A gunman who killed a federal airport screening officer and wounded three people in a terrifying rampage at Los Angeles International Airport three years ago agreed to plead guilty in a deal that spares him from a possible death sentence.

Paul Ciancia faces a mandatory term of life in prison for murder and other penalties, according to the plea agreement filed Thursday in U.S. District Court that calls for him to plead guilty to all charges.

Ciancia, 26, is charged with the murder of Transportation Security Administration officer and father of two Gerardo Hernandez at LAX on Nov. 1, 2013, when he opened fire and caused a panic that sent passengers and airport screeners running for their lives.

Hernandez’s wife, Ana Machuca, said prosecutors let her know about the plea deal and she accepted it.

“This doesn’t change anything,” she said. “My husband’s not coming back.”

She said she was “definitely on board for the death penalty but that does take forever. It doesn’t bring peace, it doesn’t bring closure. My husband died and my children lost their father. There isn’t anything anyone can do for us.”

Ciancia was hell-bent on killing a TSA agent and causing fear among other screeners, according to a note found in his luggage signed by “Paul Ciancia Pissed-off Patriot.” The source of his venom for the agency wasn’t totally clear, though he complained of unconstitutional searches and complained of them treating every American as a terrorist.

The pale, thin and slight man said his mission would be accomplished if he managed to take down even one TSA agent, and that he would be thrilled if he killed more.

“If you made the conscious decision to put on a TSA costume and violate peoples’ rights this morning, I made the conscious decision to try to kill you,” he wrote, according to the agreement. “I want to instill fear in your traitorous minds. I want it to always be in the back of your head just how easy it is to take a weapon to the beginning of your Nazi checkpoints.”

Officers quickly shot and arrested Ciancia, but it took hours to search the rest of the airport and determine there were no accomplices.

Ciancia is expected to appear in court Tuesday afternoon to change his plea from not guilty, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney. His attorneys didn’t respond to a message seeking comment.

Federal prosecutors had sought the death penalty because the killing was premeditated, he intended to kill multiple people and it terrorized passengers and airport workers.

Ciancia got one of his roommates to drive him to LAX the morning of the shooting, saying he was going home to visit family in New Jersey. He concealed his semi-automatic rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition in two pieces of luggage he lashed together with zip ties.

He sent goodbye text messages to his brother and sister, saying he was sorry to leave them prematurely.

He told his brother his “whole life has been leading up to this,” the agreement said. “This was the purpose I was brought here. I won’t fail.”

The unemployed motorcycle mechanic told his sister that he wanted to work, but was starving and desperate and unable to feed and shelter himself.

“Please don’t let the story be skewed,” he wrote to her. “There wasn’t a terrorist attack on Nov. 1. There was a pissed off patriot trying to water the tree of liberty.”

Ciancia entered Terminal 3 and drew a .223-caliber assault rifle from a duffel bag and repeatedly shot Hernandez at an initial checkpoint. He returned to shoot him at point-blank range after seeing him move. Hernandez was shot 12 times.

At baggage screening, Ciancia shot officers Tony Grigsby and James Speer as they ran from the checkpoint toward the gate. Grigsby was hit in the ankle and Speer was hit in the shoulder. Teacher Brian Ludmer, who had been in the screening area, was shot in the calf.

In his note, Ciancia said he would “preserve innocent lives.” Passengers who cowered in fear as he walked through the gate with his rifle said he asked if they were TSA and then moved along when they said they were not.

Houston armored truck security officer killed during robbery #PrivateOfficerNews

HOUSTON TX Aug 30 2016

Houston authorities say that an armored car security officer was shot and killed this evening during a robbery attempt.

Police were called to the Wells Fargo branch on the 13000 block of the Northwest Freeway just before 6:30pm.
At the scene, there is an armored security vehicle stopped near an ATM machine at the bank’s drive-through lanes.

This is still a very active scene and no other details have been released yet.

Our news desk talked to a reporter at Houston’s ABC station KTRK who said that what they know right now is that one security officer is deceased and that there is no information on suspects.

Sioux Falls City Council security guard dies #PrivateOfficerNews

Lester 'Les' Rumpza, longtime Sioux Falls police officer

Sioux Falls SD Aug 30 2016 Folks close to Sioux Falls city government got some sad news this weekend with the passing of a long-time staple at Carnegie Town Hall.

If you attended any City Council meetings over the last few years in Sioux Falls, you probably got a nod and a friendly hello from Lester “Les” Rumpza, the retired Sioux Falls Police Officer who provided security from the back row each and every Tuesday when city meetings were in session.

The 62 year old died Sunday from renal cancer.

Rumpza had called Sioux Falls home since 1978, when he and wife Gwendolyn moved here from the Waubay area.

Visitation with family present is from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Miller Funeral Home-Westside Chapel, 6200 W. 41st Street. Funeral mass is at 1 p.m. Friday at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, 1800 S. Katie Ave. with interment at St. Michael Cemetery.

Portland Security Officer Shot to Death #PrivateOfficerNews

PORTLAND, Ore. Aug 10 2016 Portland police are still investigating the shooting death of a Portland security officer who was killed Sunday night.

Luccas McNeill, 28, worked as the overnight supervisor for a local security company. He was patrolling an area on NE 81st Avenue around 11:55 p.m. when someone shot and killed him, leaving his body in the street.

Witnesses said they heard a car speed away after shots were fired.

Police do not have a motive or a suspect at this time.

Family members say that they are struggling with the news of his death. He was a good man and they can’t understand who would have done this.

McNeill’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs.

Anyone with information about a possible suspect in the case should call police.

Chicago School security officer shot to death #PrivateOfficerNews

Chicago IL Aug 9 2016 Luis Marin, a former TSA agent who now works security at Chicago Public Schools, was fatally shot in the South Deering neighborhood early Sunday.

Someone shot Marin several times in the head about 4:25 a.m. in the 11600 block of South Torrence, and he was pronounced dead at the scene at 5:05 a.m., according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Police said the attack stemmed from a domestic dispute and home invasion that happened earlier in the 10700 block of South Avenue N.

Marin, 29, was a graduate of St. Francis de Sales High School who worked for the TSA until 2013, according to an agency spokesman. He most recently worked as a school security officer at Henry Clay Elementary School, according to CPS.

No one was in custody as of early Monday as Area South detectives investigate.

SC security officer murdered during robbery #PrivateOfficerNews

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. Aug 2 2016—A 16-year-old arrested Monday morning in connection with a deadly shooting of an off duty security officer during a possible robbery.

Clayton Williams Jones, of Willow Run Terrace, faces a list of charges, including murder, Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

Jones is charged as an adult due to the severity of the offenses, but by law, he still must be kept separate from the adult population at the detention facility, Bobo said.

“It’s just really tragic to know that this situation occurred and to know that it was one of the across the street neighbors who would have done this,” neighbor Barbara Williams said.

Deputies were called around 6 a.m. to a home on Willow Run Terrace on reports of a shooting.

Coroner Rusty Clevenger identified the victim as 60-year-old George Kevin Rush. Officials with the North Spartanburg Fire Department said Rush was on the board of commissioners and was previously a volunteer firefighter with the department. He also worked as a security guard.

Rush’s wife said she heard a gunshot in the carport and found her husband and the teenager, Wright said.

“She said that (her husband) was leaving about 6 o’clock to go to work and she heard a shot. She said she ran down the hall and she saw the guy that was standing there,” said Patricia Norris, a neighbor who has known the victim for years. “I’m heartbroken, because I care a lot for them.”

Wright said Rush’s gun was found at the crime scene. Wright said Rush had a concealed weapons permit.

“We think that might be weapon that was used, but we’re not sure yet,” Wright said.

Wright said the teenager kicked out the window of a patrol car while he was being taken to the detention center.

“The young man was very violent,” Wright said.

The Assistant Fire Chief for the North Spartanburg Fire District released the following statement: “It is with sadness that I have to report the death of Commissioner George K. Rush. George was tragically shot at his home this morning.George has been a commissioner with the department since 2007, he served as a volunteer firefighter prior to that for several years. George has been an advocate for both the fire department and the community he has served. He continued to be active while working his full time job at Synthomer Polymers and working part time as a security guard. George was quiet, thoughtful, and always willing to help anyone in need. We ask for prayers for the family in this tragic time. In addition to the family, we also ask for prayers for the family of the alleged teenager shooter. This is a tough time for everyone.”

Along with murder, Jones is charged with possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and malicious injury to property, Bobo said.

Houston security officer killed in shoot-out #PrivateOfficerNews


HOUSTON TX July 30 2016– A shoot-out in Houston has left a security officer dead.

Authorities have identified the security guard they said was killed during a shootout at a northwest Houston strip mall Thursday afternoon.

Police say that a retail space in the strip mall  appeared to be an inconspicuous vacant shop that reads “for lease” was anything but.

A peak inside the back door shows a row of gaming machines; authorities said this is game room and the person working security is now dead.

“This business has only been open for a few months. And it’s unfortunate that someone comes in here a takes the life of another for nothing,” Todd Colbert, a detective with Houston Police Homicide, said.

Authorities said around 3:15 Thursday afternoon someone came in to rob the place and ended up getting into a shootout with the security officer who is now identified by Houston police as 34-year-old Pedro Garcia.

I saw a Hispanic lady, she came to my store saying, ‘I’m scared, I’m scared.’ I asked her why. She said, ‘We got robbed, we got robbed over there, another store owner said.

Both the gunman and Garcia were hit. Garcia was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he later died.

Garcia’s death has left the businesses at this shopping strip shaken.

The gunman, who police said was hit in the leg, was able to get away with another person who was waiting in a truck. Police are still looking for the pair.

Albuquerque Security Officer Gunned Down #PrivateOfficerNews

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. July 17 2016 — An Albuquerque security officer who was working at an apartment complex near Gibson and San Mateo SE was gunned down early Friday morning, and the shooter remained on the loose Friday night.

Albuquerque police identified the man killed as 46-year-old Stephen Wills.

“Wills is an honorably discharged Army veteran, father, and dedicated employee of a local private security company who provides security patrols to local businesses,” APD spokesman Tanner Tixier said in an email Friday evening. Nobody was in custody Friday, and police hadn’t released any suspect information.

Wills’ ex-wife, Tina Dunlap, said in a phone interview that he moved from Washington State to Albuquerque in 1996 to attend college. His Facebook page says he had studied fire science at the University of New Mexico.

Dunlap said they had two children and seven grandchildren together. She was at a doctor’s office with one of them when she found out he had been killed, she said.

Police have not offered many details about what happened. Officers were called to a shooting at the Pearl at Spring Creek apartment complex in the 5600 block of Gibson SE around 1:30 a.m. and found Wills dead in the parking lot.

Jackson security guard walking home from work dies after being hit by car #PrivateOfficerNews

JACKSON, Miss. July 15 2016 —A security guard walking home from work Tuesday was struck by an SUV and later died, authorities said.

Dexter Parker, 27, was walking about 11 p.m. on Ridgewood Road near Adkins Boulevard when he was hit by a 2007 Chevy Suburban, Jackson police said. The driver remained at the scene and spoke to officers about the accident, police said.

Parker was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he died Wednesday.

No charges have been filed. The crash is under investigation.

LODD: Security Supervisor Joseph Zangaro

Security Supervisor Joseph Zangaro | Berrien County Trial Court, Michigan

Security Supervisor Joseph Zangaro
Berrien County Trial Court, Michigan

End of Watch: Monday, July 11, 2016
Bio & Incident Details
Age: 61
Tour: 35 years
Cause: Gunfire
Weapon: Officer’s handgun
Offender: Shot and killed

Security Supervisor Joe Zangaro and Court Officer Ron Kienzle were shot and killed inside the Berrien County Courthouse by an inmate who was attempting to escape at approximately 2:25 pm.

A court officer and a Berrien County sheriff’s deputy were in the process of removing the prisoner from a holding cell in a corridor behind a courtroom when the man attacked them. The prisoner was able to disarm one of the officers and opened fire, striking them both. The man escaped into a public hallway where he shot a civilian and exchanged shots with two other court officers, striking one of them, before being killed by return gunfire.

The inmate was in court for two counts of criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, and domestic assault.

Security Supervisor Zangaro had served as the Berrien County Trial Court’s director of security for 10 years after having retired from the Michigan State Police after 25 years.

Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements:

Honorable Gary J. Bruce, Chief Judge
Berrien County Trial Court
811 Port Street
St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: (269) 983-7111

Cincinnati security officer charged in murder of cancer patient #PrivateOfficerNews

CINCINNATI OH July 7 2016 —A woman who heard her Roselawn neighbor had died first thought it was from the terminal cancer she had been fighting for years.

More than a dozen police officers went to an apartment Monday at 1502 Section Road.

That is where investigators found Tammy Wiley, 54, dead. According to court documents, her mouth, eyes and nose were covered in duct tape.

“It’s sad,” Reggie Bell, who lives just down the street, said. “I saw the yellow tape and the crime scene unit, and I thought ‘Wow, something really major just went down.’”

A relative said the family is totally distraught and can’t imagine the kind of person who would victimize someone like this.

Friends say the woman only had a short time to live, making her death seem even more mysterious.

When one neighbor was asked why he thought someone would want to take a chance on being convicted for murder when the victim was terminally ill, he gave this response.

“Maybe the killer didn’t know her,” the man, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

Officers arrested Kayle Taylor, 27, late Monday. Authorities said he was wearing a security guard uniform at the time of his arrest.

Taylor was charged with aggravated murder and aggravated burglary. Court records state that duct tape, clothing from Wiley’s condominium and other items were found at Taylor’s home.

Investigators spent time at two crimes scenes inside the apartment building. They said Wiley lived downstairs from Taylor.

Dozens of bags of evidence were carried out of the apartment and put into the crime scene unit. Police searched garbage cans behind the apartment building.

Investigators spent nearly 12 hours processing the scene with the added hurdle of finding a judge to sign a search warrant on a holiday.

Southern Methodist University police officer swept away in flood presumed dead #PrivateOfficerNews


Dallas TX July 7 2016

An off duty Southern Methodist University police officer identified now as

Officer Mark McCullers who was working as a private security officer was swept away during flooding and presumed dead.

Dallas police report that the officer was working security at a construction site during a heavy rain event that caused sudden flooding in the metro area.

Police say that they know that he was swept into the flooded Turtle Creek early Tuesday and has not been seen since.

The search for the officer initially focused on the area around Blackburn Street in Uptown.

In a news conference about 11 a.m., officials said they had expanded the search to a 2-mile area between Fitzhugh Avenue and the Trinity River. The search is being treated as a recovery effort instead of a rescue, they said.
The search team appeared to discover something in the water and secure is about 1:30 p.m., but it remains unclear what they found.

A Dallas Fire-Rescue team with sonar technology is trying to locate the officer, who lost contact with authorities shortly after 1:30 a.m. Water in the area has receded, which officials said will help with the search.

The officer called the dispatcher letting her know that his car was being moved by rising water and that he was trapped inside.

Water was more than twelve feet high in some of the flooded areas.

Police are not releasing the name of the officer at this time.

Man described by cops as ‘heartless criminal’ indicted in shooting death of security guard #PrivateOfficerNews

Birmingham AL June 30 2016 A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted a 20-year-old Birmingham man in the slaying of a security guard and in an unrelated burglary that left a woman injured.

Michael Maurice Bragg was indicted Friday on charges of capital murder in the 2015 shooting death of 28-year-old Maurice Dukes, according to court records make public today.
The indictment says Bragg shot Dukes with a pistol while Dukes was still inside his car.
Bragg has been locked up in the Jefferson County Jail since February.

Dukes was a supervisor with Imperial Security, was slain while he was on duty in October. Birmingham police were summoned to the Park at Wood Station at 6105 First Ave. South just after 7 a.m. on Oct. 20, 2015. The 64-unit mixed income is part of the Woodlawn Foundation revitalization efforts.

Authorities said they were notified by the security company after Dukes couldn’t be reached after his shift ended at 6 a.m. Officers arrived on the scene and found Dukes dead inside his blue Ford Mustang. He had gunshot wounds to the left arm and shoulder.

Dukes had worked for Imperial for five years, and had been assigned to the Woodlawn apartment complex since November 2014. His family gathered at the scene, emotional as they learned of Dukes’ death. “He didn’t have any problems with anybody,” his twin brother, Marquez Dukes, said at the time. “All he did was go to work and come home. He was a family man.”

Authorities said Dukes was targeted for the robbery. Investigators don’t believe the two men knew each other. Dukes’ iPad, handgun, and white iPhone 6 with gold backing, were missing. None of the three items were ever recovered.

Bragg was arrested in June 2015 on the theft of property charge after police say he stole a laptop worth $500 and $200 in cash from another man. Court records show that on Nov. 20, 2015, exactly one month after Dukes’ killing, Bragg pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft. He received a 12-month suspended sentence.

Birmingham police announced Bragg’s arrest in February. The announcement came following Bragg’s arrest on a burglary charge that, according to records, happened on Feb. 22. In that case, the indictment says he broke into a woman’s home and injured her when he threw a glass cup at her, causing a large cut to her arm and neck. During that incident, according to the indictment, Bragg stole a laptop computer, a cell phone, a pair of $154 tennis shoes and the woman’s purse.

At a preliminary hearing held in March in Duke’s death, a detective testified that a person stepped forward and gave Bragg’s name as a possible suspect.
As a result of that, the detective said, police talked with four people who knew Bragg. Two males said that Bragg had asked them both to break the code to get into a white iPhone with gold backing.
Bragg’s girlfriend initially told detectives she had no knowledge of the shooting, but called them back three months later to say had later learned about Bragg’s involvement in the shooting around Christmastime, Johnson said.
The girlfriend said she and Bragg were at an apartment where they were living when Bragg went into a bathroom and got on a cellphone. Bragg told the person on the other end of the phone conversation “I haven’t been sleeping and I need to get this off my chest,” the girlfriend reportedly told police.

The girlfriend reported she then overheard Bragg talk about killing of the security guard for the purpose of getting his iPhone, a detective testified.
When Bragg came out of the bathroom, the girlfriend reported she confronted Bragg and told him “you killed a man over an iPhone 6? I would have bought you an iPhone 6.”

Palm Beach security officer killed in crash #PrivateOfficerNews

Family mourns death of father of three killed in West Palm crash photo

Palm Beach FL June 26 2016 The family sat together Friday afternoon in the dimly lit living room at their home in West Palm Beach.

With scented candles burning, they mourned the loss of Michael Waddle — their father, husband and uncle, who died Thursday night in a car crash just miles from home.

“We’re still coming to terms,” his wife, Jeanette Waddle, said as her youngest son laid his head in her lap and began to sob. “He was on his way to work.”

Michael Waddle, 50, was heading to his job as a security guard at Ballenisles in Palm Beach Gardens around 10:30 p.m Thursday when his Ford F350 hit a Kia Sorento and flipped near Summit Boulevard and Kirk Road. He was about two miles from his home on Berkshire Drive, located just west of South Congress Avenue and north of Forest Hill Boulevard. The driver of the Kia, Dorethea Collier, 54, was also about two miles from her Gun Club Road home. She was taken to JFK Hospital with serious injuries.

Waddle’s family rushed to the scene of the crash and stayed for three hours as emergency crews used the Jaws of Life to get Waddle’s body out, his wife said. Michael Waddle was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office accident report.

Waddle’s eldest son, Sebastian, said: “For me to go to the scene and have my (little) brother ask, ‘where’s dad, where’s dad?’ …” Sebastian Waddle’s voice trailed off, and he shook his head.

Waddle had worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 21 years, most recently with Greenacres Fire Rescue, a job he left a year ago after an injury. He loved being part of fire rescue, his nephew Nick Waddle said.

Waddle was driving west on Summit approaching Kirk Road while Collier was heading northbound on Kirk approaching Summit. As both entered the intersection, Waddle’s truck collided with the passenger side of Collier’s car, overturned and came to a stop when it crashed into a cement pole.

Jeanette Waddle said, “When we got to the scene … his chief was the one who broke the news.”

Michael Waddle’s dedication to the job has inspired his oldest son. “I want to be a firefighter just like you,” Sebastian, who will be 18 in July, said he told his dad when he was younger. Now, “I need to go and get my EMT. This is just more motivation to do this for my family,” he said.

Family members said Michael Waddle will most be remembered for his commitment to them and his love for fishing.

“We were always together, which makes it even harder,” Sebastian said. “He would always take us fishing. He would hook it and I would reel it in.”

Waddle is survived by two sons, Sebastian and Christopher, a daughter, Sebrina, and his wife.

“He was our back support,” Sebastian said. “I still need him, I still needed to learn from him.”