5 Security Officers Arrested in Deadly Force Incidents


CHARLOTTE NC Oct 25 2013
Five security officers have been charged this week with using excessive and unnecessary force and all of them are facing serious prison time if found guilty.
Gary Cobbs was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm after shooting a man who had taken a twelve pack of beer at a convenience store in Chicago.
Police say that the shoplifter was unarmed and did not pose an imminent danger to the guard.
Nashville police arrested two security officers for shooting into a vehicle that had been involved in a minor fender bender in the parking lot. The security officers identified as 25-year old Christopher Lyon and 41-year old Forrest Bradford shot a woman’s car at Club Miami after she allegedly backed into a car, and then tried to run them over early last Wednesday morning.
Lyon and Bradford then picked up shell casings from the shooting before investigators arrived.
The police investigation found that Bradford and Lyon shot at the vehicle as it passed, and they were not being threatened when they opened fire.
Pittsburgh police say that a security officer lied to officers after shooting an unarmed man who was involved in a theft.
John Carter of Verona was charged with aggravated assault and endangering another person. Police said Carter shot Edward Brown Jr. after Brown allegedly stole money from a Triangle Candy and Tobacco Co. delivery truck. Video proved that he was not in danger, when he shot the man, police said.
And a Mississippi security guard also faces numerous charges after stabbing a man at a nightclub after the man refused to leave. Jackson police say that the two men argued and the security officer stabbed the customer in the arm and in the back.
Police in two California cities are also investigating two separate incidents involving security officers using deadly force. In Fresno, a security officer at a trucking company shot and killed a man who entered the property and attempted to steal the security officer’s cellphone. Police have referred that case to the district attorney. And Los Angeles County sheriff investigators are still conducting their investigation after a security officer shot and killed a homeless man that had been involved in an altercation with a woman.
Security officers said that the man had threatened to stab them but was not actually armed.

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